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Wasted Youth : 0161 Festival, Manchester, 04/05/2014

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Wasted Youth, live at the 0161 Festival, Moston Miners Community Centre, Manchester, UK, 04/05/2014.

0161 Festival : https://www.facebook.com/01...

Moston Miners Community Centre : http://www.theminers.org.uk

Video - FilterKik Media : http://www.filterkikmedia.com/

Full playlist from the festival here : http://www.youtube.com/play... Show less
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0161 Festival, Manchester, May 2014 Play

0161 Festival, Moston Miners Community Centre, Manchester, UK, May 02-04 2014.
The Lab Rats, Run Out The Guns, Roughneck Riot, Throw Rocks At Cops, Streets Of Rage, Angelic Upstarts, Stage Bottles, Atterkop, Ian Bourne, Tommy Gun, Lost Cherrees, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Red Alert, Molly Tov, Holger Burner, The Oppressed, Sang Mele, The Domestics, John Player Specials, Bo Weavil, Slug, The Wakes, Ulysses, Haztecasoprimo, Wasted Youth, What We Feel.

Animator + Vitriolic Response + Killerdogz + One Shot Kill + Jenkinstown : CDP, New Ross, 08/02/2014. Play

Animator (thrash metal) + Vitriolic Response (crust, Manchester) + Killerdogz (rock/blues) + One Shot Kill (metal) + Jenkinstown (alt rock), live at CDP, New Ross, Ireland, 08/02/2014.

FilterKik Media 2013 Play

Live concert footage recorded by FilterKik Media during 2013. Vídeo de conciertos en directo grabado por FilterKik Media durante 2013. Artists include : Hatebreed, Indust, Unfit, Teething, Napalm Death, Instinto, Disparo, Hell Division, Pablo Hasél, Lágrimas de Sangre, HcB, Kaos Urbano, FOK, The Argies, Afgrund, Mumakil, Talco, Enraged Minority, Keny Arkana, Keltoi!, Opció K-95, EINA, Riot Propaganda, Goethia, Confront, Eskupe, Narco + many more ...
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