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FiberOptic.com offers Fiber Optic Product Demos on OTDRs, Fusion Splicers, and other fiber optic test equipment.

Fiber Characterization - FiberOptic.com Play

"Fiber characterization" is performing a comprehensive suite of tests that determine all of the key performance attributes of installed fiber infrastructure. The March 2008 version of G.650.3, that was substantially re-written by Richard Ednay of OTT, includes this definition of fiber characterization: "A comprehensive suite of measurements that is carried out on a fiber optic cable link to determine the key performance attributes of that link which may affect current or future applications that operate over that link. Fiber characterization also allows the quality of the fiber optic cable link to be assessed, including the identification of the type and grade of fiber installed." Full fiber characterization includes:
Connector end face inspection
Insertion loss measurements
Return loss measurements
OTDR testing
Chromatic dispersion testing
Polarization mode dispersion testing
Spectral attenuation

OTDRs - FiberOptic.com Play

OTDRs are used to measure loss over distance in optical fiber.
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