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Faxi Nadu

Faxi Nadu's Modular Crash Course Play

We will be using the Sonic Core Scope DSP Platform and Modular System for this course. You absolutely do not need to own the system, as the concepts shown are valid for any modular system. Of course, you will get an in-depth look at the Scope Modular, and get acquainted with this very nice system. In the last session we will have a brief look at other systems like the Nord Modular G2 and the analog Eurorack (via webcam).


- Basic layout and workflow of Scope DSP System
- Why modular?
- Differences between modular system concepts
- Basic layout and workflow of Scope Modular System
- Modular components and signal chain.
- Modular tricks and unique modules

We will get in depth and build a variety of machines while explaining how and why things are done.

Goals of the course:
- That you will feel much more comfortable with synthesis in general, and be able to understand better what is going on behind the scenes of any synth.
- Getting you going in using modular synthesis.
- Providing you with concepts and tools to take your own modular ideas to the next level.
- Getting you addicted :)

Faxi Nadu - Doric Prime (FULL ALBUM 2013) Play

Faxi Nadu - Doric Prime

Artist: Faxi Nadu
Title: Doric Prime
Label: Mathematician Records
Genre: Techno / Post-Techno
Date: June 2013
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 63:55


1. Faxi Nadu - Signs And Wonders (6:07)
2. Faxi Nadu - Lonely Among Us (8:48)
3. Faxi Nadu - For You And Me (6:06)
4. Faxi Nadu - Forever Drifting (10:38)
5. Faxi Nadu - Shuttle Columbia Heroes (6:31)
6. Faxi Nadu - Beyond Hypnotic Levels (5:02)
7. Faxi Nadu - Quilted Threads (5:10)
8. Faxi nadu vs. Grind Disco - Short Story (4:47)
9. Faxi Nadu - Faceless Search (6:07)
10. Grind Disco - Echos (Faxi Nadu Remix) (4:39)

Written and produced by Yaron Eshkar with Oss Vaisband http://www.faxinadu.net
Tracks 8 and 10 in collaboration with Maayan Peer

Mastering by Manifold Studio
Album graphics by Algorithm Tester

Faxi Nadu - Kosmicheskaya Mechta ALBUM 2012 Play

Faxi Nadu - Kosmicheskaya Mechta


1 Faxi Nadu - Imagination (1:05)
2 Faxi Nadu - I Am The Night Escape vs Faxi Remix (7:23)
3 Faxi Nadu - Ancient Explorers (8:13)
4 Faxi Nadu - Trivial Stellar Diamonds (8:56)
5 Faxi Nadu - Modular Three (3:17)
6 Faxi Nadu - A Crow Perhaps A Raven (7:56)
7 Faxi Nadu - The First Duty (9:12)
8 Faxi Nadu - Tracking Into The Wind (8:13)
9 Faxi Nadu - Rambo Of The Mind (11:49)
10 Faxi Nadu - Waking Moments (2:32)
11 Faxi Nadu vs Oss and Dudi - Mystic Pages (10:12)
12 Faxi Nadu - Mechta (0:09)

All philosophical musings using sound produced by Yaron Eshkar at http://www.faxinadu.net
Track 1 in collaboration with Milos Radulovic, track 11 with Oss Vaisband and Dudi Caspi
Mastering by Kevin Metcalf @ Emasters UK
Album graphics by Samantha Fulstow
Special thanks to Maayan Peer

The first duty of every human is to the truth.

You don't need a starship to travel to other planets.
Your mind is a wormhole to an imagination faster than the speed of light.
Track with me into the wind.

Razum - eto tvoya vselenaya, po kotoroy ti mojesh peredvigatsya po planetam so skorostu sveta!

C 2012 Faxi Nadu / Reactionary Faction Productions

Unauthorized wormhole incursions lead to dominion invasion. Be awesome, support space music. Go Niners!
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