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Faxi Nadu

Faxi Nadu - Kosmicheskaya Mechta ALBUM 2012 Play

Faxi Nadu - Kosmicheskaya Mechta


1 Faxi Nadu - Imagination (1:05)
2 Faxi Nadu - I Am The Night Escape vs Faxi Remix (7:23)
3 Faxi Nadu - Ancient Explorers (8:13)
4 Faxi Nadu - Trivial Stellar Diamonds (8:56)
5 Faxi Nadu - Modular Three (3:17)
6 Faxi Nadu - A Crow Perhaps A Raven (7:56)
7 Faxi Nadu - The First Duty (9:12)
8 Faxi Nadu - Tracking Into The Wind (8:13)
9 Faxi Nadu - Rambo Of The Mind (11:49)
10 Faxi Nadu - Waking Moments (2:32)
11 Faxi Nadu vs Oss and Dudi - Mystic Pages (10:12)
12 Faxi Nadu - Mechta (0:09)

All philosophical musings using sound produced by Yaron Eshkar at http://www.faxinadu.net
Track 1 in collaboration with Milos Radulovic, track 11 with Oss Vaisband and Dudi Caspi
Mastering by Kevin Metcalf @ Emasters UK
Album graphics by Samantha Fulstow
Special thanks to Maayan Peer

The first duty of every human is to the truth.

You don't need a starship to travel to other planets.
Your mind is a wormhole to an imagination faster than the speed of light.
Track with me into the wind.

Razum - eto tvoya vselenaya, po kotoroy ti mojesh peredvigatsya po planetam so skorostu sveta!

C 2012 Faxi Nadu / Reactionary Faction Productions

Unauthorized wormhole incursions lead to dominion invasion. Be awesome, support space music. Go Niners!
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