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Faery Blyss

89 - Ultra Powerful Best Ever Love Spell - Part 1 - Supplies

31,496 views 3 years ago
The 2nd part of this series can be found here: http://youtu.be/z-0x5Mu_gEo
89 - Ultra Powerful Best Ever Love Spell - Part 2 - Ritual

Ultra Powerful Best Ever Love Spell - Teehee :-D

Someone requested I do a love spell for them. So I did! :-D Some say love spells are black magic. Some say love spells are white magic. I say it's gray magic. If you don't want each other anymore. Do a love breaker spell. Release the spell. Reverse the spell. You can do this by a simple intentional cleansing ritual. Do what you feel is right.

You can do a love spell to draw a random lover to you also. You don't have to do a love spell on a particular person.

I wanted to show the supplies that I will use so I don't interrupt the ritual in part 2 of my love spell.

Cinnamon - Aphrodisiac for men
Cayenne Pepper - Brings fire-like hot sex
Whole Cloves - representative of the penis or male sexual energy
Dried Rose Petals and Buds - has been used for centuries for love. A budding flower could represent the vagina. This is why roses are often given on Valentine's Day and on your wedding day a woman will carry a bouquet of roses.
Patchouli Root - for two lovers. Some carry two sprigs of patchouli root in their purse or on their person where ever they go for love.
Maple Syrup - This is to make love stick. Some people also use honey. Or as a substitute.
Sandalwood - Used for years and years to attract a lover.
Frankincense - Used in sex magic.
Lotus - Feminine sexuality
Dragon's Blood - Male sexual energy. It is often used to aid in driving away impotence.
Signature Scent - to represent myself
Clove Oil
Rose Oil
Love Cologne - It has bergamot in it. This is an aphrodisiac for men. It is used in a lot of hair care products. You can also use an orange. Or the juice of an orange.
Rose Incense - but you could use Jasmine or Orange or any of the above scents for your incense. Whatever you like the smell of.
Mojo bag - Some people say you could use a red flannel bag or a red or pink bag of any kind. Whatever you want.
Sage - for protection
Rose Quartz Crystal - for love :-)
Cowry Shells - Symbol of the vagina

Altar Items:
Spells are often use a bit of alchemy which is elemental in nature.

Fire Element
Pink Candles - You can use red candles as well. Also sex magic may use red candles. Red is sexual energy. Pink is loving energy, but substitute with whatever you have.
Things that represent fire.

Water Element
Things that represent water

Earth Element
Things that represent earth

Air Element
Things that represent air

Center Spirit - Or All - Or Divine
Energy of the god and goddess or the all
Salt and water in the cauldron would be fine charged with your atheme (double sided ritual knife - not to be used for cutting unless part of the ritual)
The cauldron represents feminine energy
The atheme represents male energy
The atheme enters the cauldron and is charged with source energy.

The colors pink and red could represent love and sex respectively. Substitute how you like. Some just use white as hundreds of years ago that is the only color of candles that people had. It has only been recently that we added colors to candles. But color has power where you give it power.

Some tools on my altar included here are a mortar and pestle that my friend made me. A goblet or chalice and an oil dropper. Show less
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