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Things You Didn't Know About Birthdays in Korea (Vedida 11)

3,519 views 7 months ago
Haha, I'll never forget that first birthday cake in Korea way back in 2006... :D

See you tomorrow for Vedida 12! Show less
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In this video series, Expatkerri interviews her student and friend Seongmin. He is a Korean university student, and gives his opinions on topics ranging from plastic surgery, living abroad, the military and other topics of interest.

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In 2012, Expatkerri spent 6 months travelling in Central and South America. Here you can get a taste of the Galapagos, the Costa Rican jungles, the mountains of the Andes, the Bolivian salt flats, the streets of Buenos Aires, the Colombian coasts.. and many many more videos directly uploaded - without editing. For blogs from these travels, please visit http://www.expatkerri.com
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