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Everything Young And Major

"Sound of Summer" Video Press Release (Interactive): Everything Young & Major™

834 views 11 months ago
Indie Music Producers and Songwriters created "Sound of Summer". Help us show that the little guys can make a MAJOR impact. http://bit.ly/EYMdotCOM

ITUNES - http://bit.ly/SoundOfSummer...
SPOTIFY - http://bit.ly/SoundOfSummer...


Based in New York, Everything Young And Major™, LLC is an entertainment company that is home to musicians, digital artists, and content creators.

Everything Young & Major™ - Sound of Summer Video Press Release


DL PRESS MATERIALS: http://bit.ly/DLPressRelease

Contact: licensing@EverythingYoungAndMa­jor.com

Shot by Suyison and Matt Bardi | Edited by http://MattBardi.com

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Rare Module Interviews (Music by Everything Young & Major) Play

Rare Modules are creative people that are making waves in their particular industry. They are the key players for companies, big or small. Take a look at these modules to gain a deeper understanding of their creative process, influences, & achievements.

We're excited to have the opportunity to service Rare Module with the music for their interesting interviews!

Watch Full Interviews on http://RareModule.com

TV SHOWS Our Songwriters Music Have Appeared On Play

**The clips of our songwriters music being used don't always end up on YouTube. Not all of these clips contain our songwriters music.**

Our songwriters have licensed music to all of the shows in this playlist, with the exception of Longmire, which was a TV Promo (available on our website).

Millions of people worldwide have heard our music on shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Longmire, MTV VMA's (After Show) and more!

For more visit http://EverythingYoungAndMajor.com

EYM Digital (Music For TV, Ads, Games, Web, etc.) Play

EYM Digital is a "Specialty Music Production & Songwriting" company delivering original music that connects the dots between your ears and your heart.

Founded in 2012 as a content creation and music licensing division of Everything Young & Major™, EYM Digital's versatile team of songwriters, producers and composers have created tunes heard by millions on television screens around the globe.

This isn't just music. This is Music Redefined.
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