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Hyunwoo Sun

Draw My Life - Hyunwoo Sun (선현우)

73,281 views 1 year ago
I debated for a while whether I should make a Draw My Life video or not, but I decided to make this for myself, my friends, and also for my future children; I don't have such a great memory when it comes to what happened in the past so I'll probably forget a lot of things, so when I do, this video could be a good reminder for myself too. The first thing I realized once I started working on this video was how hard it really was to summarize one's life in a single video. So this video is probably nowhere near a perfect summarization of my life so far, but I did my best to tell you the stories that have had important influences on who I am and what I am doing now. Hope you enjoy watching video! ^_^ Thank you for watching. 감사합니다!

Hyunwoo Sun

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    Thank you for watching!
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