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Evan der Millner

The London Latin Course Play

Learn Latin from the ground up. This is a serial course, structured to bring you to a high level of Latin fluency. The pace is slow and unhurried. This course is suitable for all ability levels. Restored Classical Pronunciation.

French for Beginners Play

Learn basic French with the Manesca French Course. Teach yourself simple French phrases in this useful series of free lessons.

This time-tested French language course is based on a course originally devised by Jean and Louis
Manesca. It provides an intuitive and effective method for learning the French language - by listening and repeating - not only repeating - you also will learn to answer simple questions in French in the work-out style exercises, called 'mouvements'.

Model answers are always supplied.
Progress is gradual, which is why this course is called a "Serial and Oral" course.
The course, when complete, will give you a high level of French proficiency.

Please keep a vocabulary notebook - new words and grammar concepts are only introduced once.

Manesca Serial and Oral French Course Play

Conversational French Course for beginners, leading to literature.
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