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Synchromusicology ~ Music & Geometry to heal

166 views 9 months ago
Ancient wisdom is lost amidst the rise of flashy exoteric performance, forcing the magus outward into the exoteric categories of stage (MAG)icians and stage (MUS)icians.

Clues as to the tangible content of a lost musical knowledge are scattered throughout encyclopedias and books on tonal harmony.

Synchromusicologists are a new branch of independent researchers who gather data on the Hidden Origins of Western Music and the power of sympathetic geometry to generate Love and to heal wounds. This video offers you the first tastes of what is to come from this school of thought.

**pls read,watch and study Steve Willner's research and work for he is a genius. This is his** Show less
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~LIVE~ Jambands / Jazz / Blues more... Play

live tunes from "jambands" ,jazz,blues and other 60's psychedelia and more....such as:
abb,phish,moe.,bisco,burning spear,les claypool,primus,galactic,mmw w.scofield,strangefolk,ymsb,string cheese incident,widespread panic
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