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Eugenicz - Dunya Salam/World Peace (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

10,789 views 11 months ago
Dunya Salam is the second leak off the discontinued "The Pen And The Poet". It was lateron featured on the "Red Autumn" mixtape instead.

This song is not just a song. It is a message, provided with visuals in order to help this particular message spread like a virus. World peace is something we all should aim for.

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Lyrics/Rap/Production: Eugenicz
Beat by: Symetrik
Video footage: a lot of documentaries, I claim ownership of none of them
Video edited by Eugenicz.

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[Verse 1]

As-salaamu alaykum, peace be with you
I can't say that in this world because peace an issue
Where people wake up and see their whole families murdered
Where mothers mourn for their child because life ain't certain

Who is god, is he the one who is here and everywhere
Or is it the guy playing for god, claiming our fears
I know god, a merciful god the most righteous
So it can't be Obama or Assad, because their lies just

keep on stackin, onto big piles like their victims
and truth becomes more distant as the peace is non existant
terrorism they call the resistance fighting for existence
in this world that we live in where justice just went missing

I know we're not to weep for a brother who is lost
But death is all I see with my own soul to cost
My conscience is still human, emotions be unbearable
I pray for dunya salaam, my dua's for a miracle

[Verse 2]

But it seems the dunya is lost and so is salam
And your horiya is an illusion made up by Seytaan
Atheists tell us our religion is starting the wars
But when did our prophets ever kill a man for their cause

And if you don't believe, then don't believe in yourself either
Be open to the truth, let your narrow minds become wider
Ghandi knowledge, an eye for an eye makes us all blind
So a bomb for a bomb would mean the end for mankind

World peace, dunya salaam dunya barisi
Palestine, Syria, Yemen, olum yarisi
Tout le monde, rise up viva la revoluccion
La resistencia internacionale pick up your gun

We pray for world peace, our prayers are for a miracle
And God will listen, for God is the most merciful
We pray for dunya salaam, our dua's for a miracle
And Allah will listen, for Allah is the most merciful Show less
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