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GPA Worlds 2014 "Sydney" - Russian Kings Tour

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Promo vid for the GPA World Powerlifting Championships 2014 in Sydney, Australia November 21-24 2014, and the Russian Kings Tour that will visit gyms in Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland.

Lifters Kirill Sarychev, Konstantin Pozdeev, Andrey Belyaev, Konstantin Konstaninovs, Mikhail Koklyaev, and Andrey Malanichev will be competing. The Russian Kings Tour will feature several half day practical seminars by these lifters in Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland.

Here is a brief list of some of these competitors' accomplishments:

Kirill Sarychev
700 lb / 317.5 kg Raw Bench Press
838 lb / 380 kg Raw Deadlift
Heaviest Push-Pull Total of All Time (690 kgs / 1521 lbs)

Konstantin Pozdeev
Heaviest Raw Deadlift of All Time at 242 lbs / 110 kgs (890 lbs / 404 kgs)

Andrey Belyaev
Heaviest Raw Deadlift of All Time at 198 lbs / 90 kgs (862 lbs / 391 kgs)

Konstantin Konstantinovs
Heaviest Raw Deadlift (939 lbs / 426 kgs ) of All Time at 308 lbs/ 140 kgs
Heaviest Raw Deadlift (881 lbs / 400 kgs) of All Time at 275 lbs / 125 kgs

Mikhail Koklyaev
Six-time Russian National Weightlifting champion (Best lifts, 210 kg snatch, 250 kg clean and jerk)
3rd Place 2010 World's Strongest Man (Note: I had the year wrong in the video)
2nd Place 2009 Arnold Strongman Classic
2,221 lb / 1007.5 kg Powerlifting Total, Raw, No Wraps

Andrey Malanichev
Heaviest Raw Squat of All Time (460 kgs / 1014 lbs)
Heaviest Raw Total of All Time (1120 kgs / 2469 lbs)

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