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QIK|Streaming video right from your phone

44 views 5 years ago
LOL. Ancient Nokia e70's era with clack-clack-clack zoom buttons. We all thought we were so cool. Love the generic generated QIK titles. Show less
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Posthuman Prospects Play

Every time I am asked, "why would anyone want to End Aging ... to live more than 80, 90, or 100 years?" I am astounded that such a question could even arise. Isn't it obvious? No, obviously, it's not. And so let us begin ...

Capitalism++ Play

It's the end of capitalism as we know it. The unsustainable resource skews attributable to obscene market failure will either force the Invisible Hand of Corrective Market Forces or conjure the Big Blunt Stick of accelerated taxation.

Human Computer Integration Play

HCI has historically been concerned with human-computer interaction. Moving forward, the path leads us toward enhancing human-computer integration.
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