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Rita Hayworth - A Life in Films

18,926 views 3 years ago
Sorry guys, I disabled the comments because the new comment system, that was forced upon us, is the biggest crap ever. I have no control of comments anymore, unless I sign up somewhere which I don't want. I hope you enjoy the video nontheless.

From my former channel et7waage.

First published on: 17 October 2008
Former views: 10.680

This is a tribute I had made in 2008 in honour of the 90th anniversary of Rita Hayworth's birthday.

I included voice-overs of Orson Welles, Shirley MacLaine and Leslie Caron who is talking about Rita and Fred Astaire in French:

"She was ravishing. He had an eye for beauty and she had ideal proportions - her figure, her long legs, her oh so beautiful hands. She had true elegance, the same he had. Seeing them dancing together I get the impression that he was really in love with her."

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