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EroticFlow.com Radio & Video - Erotic Music Sensual Sex Music - Erotic Flow .wmv

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EroticFlow.com Radio - Ear Candy 4 Your Erotic Soul CLICK -eroticflow- IN BLUE - Erotic Flow

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Trip Hop, R&B, and MORE!

Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead, Aya, Esthero, Prince, Maxwell, Milosh, Morcheeba, Bjork, Jill Scott Show less
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Erotic Flow Radio - The Sound of Seduction Play

Ear candy for your erotic soul! Seduce your lovers senses what she/he hears, sees, tastes, smells, and feels. Music can arouse the mind, body, and soul. So take time to stimulate that sense of arousal. Become one with each other and the vibe of the music. Hit play and enjoy a session together.

IPAD USERS: The first song tends not to play on an iPad so go to the second song and start there.

Trip Hop Ear Candy Play

Trip Hop is predominantly sensual beats. Music that is sexual but does not necessarily have lot of relationship lyrics in it. You can just enjoy the beat of the music in your soul to enhance your groove together.

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