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Send Hillary to Jail, not to the White House Produced by Erick F Dircks Never Forget Benghazi

301 views 5 months ago
To all American Voters! Send her to Jail not to the White House!

Are these 4 men standing in your way Hillary? Should have save them, it's all about choices!

Let me remind you that the attack on Benghazi was on 9-11-12 exactly 11 years from the Twin Towers. Today's date is 1-27-2014, and still no answers. You think the people will forget, I for one will never forget. I won't until someone is held accountable. It is the Secretary of State duty is the responsible for safety for all USA Embassies. I have said this before, and I will say it again. If she can't protect a simple Sovereign USA Embassy, how in the World is she going to Protect The United States Of America?? If you agree, by all means SHARE THIS & Never Forget these 4 men our government turned their backs on!! I have their 6 now, how about YOU?

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