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The Minute Verse Series EP.1 (introduction) : ["Control" - Big Sean X Kendrick Lamar] By Enock

113 views 9 months ago
This was really short as it is just an introduction to this series but the verses will be obviously be longer next time, so give me any instrumentals you want to see me cover, and i will do.
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We all dream of success
aspire to be the best
dream of love and protection in this pursuit of happiness
Dream of money and wealth
riches and fame
everybody wants the same
This aint the american dream
im on about this world of shame
politicians and the judicial system
are the biggest gangstas in the game
people fighting dying crying
tell me what do we all gain
I aint no activist or rebel just spiting what's on my brain
im just saying saying everyone's in pain
maybe its this system
but with the system you got to be careful
coz they all listen
every lyric every rhyme
every word from my mind
got them shitting on themselves on their personal time
in this society there's nowhere to go and breathe
death is the only destination at the end we see
so maybe we got to go to the other side
for peace and tranquillity
but realization recreation is what
we need in society
get your ass out of that chair instead of just watching me
niggas hating yeah its all blatant hypocrisy

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