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Happy by Pharrell Williams - Rachael Alexander Cover

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"Healthy" Thrive by Drinking Your Fruits & Veggies by Rachael Alexander

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Singer Makes A Sexy Health Music Video
I am a health freak 'aka' a health conscious young person, and I was tired of not seeing my values being represented in main stream media. Especially the values of eating healthy, following your heart & soul, and letting your creativity shine. So I decided to follow my heart and rewrite Pharrell Williams popular song "Happy" and promote a value that I think should be more represented. I changed "Happy" to "Healthy", and I wanted eating healthy to be fun and something that is "in" rather than "out" of popularity. I feel its "in" to take care of yourself, eat the right foods for your body, and follow your passions and contribute them to the world.

Many people don't really know the power of consuming more fruits and vegetables, and how they really make a difference to your overall health and happiness. Especially young people, we can be very ignorant sometimes to this fact, and feel that health is something that we will worry about when we turn 40 or older. I feel that health is something to definitely make important no matter how young or old you are.

I was lucky you see. I grew up with a mother who taught me and my siblings the importance of prevention and consuming the right foods. So as a benefit I've never had any major diseases or gotten sick too often growing up. When you take care of your health (mind, body, spirit, and creativity), you begin to thrive. That's everyone's goal ultimately, to THRIVE. So join me in my Free 30-day Drink Your Fruits & Veggies Photo Challenge where you commit to drinking one smoothie a day for 30 days and photograph it! http://bit.ly/RJ9hNz

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Singer, Director, Songwriter: Rachael Alexander
Dancers & Healthy Women: Erika Grobes, Siobhan Connoly, Kathryn Telford, Avanti Joglekar
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Sierra Addish
Director of Photography: Eyes For Wings, Endigo Rae Entertainment, Sierra Addish

Special thanks to all my cast members, the lovely women that helped make this video come to life with all their energy and passion! Thank you Sierra for giving me the lyric idea of "healthy" for the chorus!

Music: Pharrell Williams http://24hoursofhappy.com/
Camera: Canon T2i (I love canon)! http://www.usa.canon.com/cu...

Eat your fruits & veggies, even if its just one per day! It makes a difference :).

Lyric Rewrite:

It might seem crazy but it's a fact
To drink your fruits and veggies just like that
Will make you healthy, sexy, and strong
And put you on your journey where you belong

(Because I'm Healthy)
Clap along if you wanna get sexy and free with me
Clap along if you feel like boosting your energy
Clap along if you wanna build a habit so healthy
Clap along if you feel to nourish your soul and body

Clap along if you wanna get sexy and free with me
Clap along if you feel like boosting your energy
Clap along if you wanna build a habit so healthy
Clap along if you're a mosaic soul just like me

To build a habit all you have to do
Is drink a smoothie like a happy fool
And then photograph it to prove that you
Are a happy soul cause you did the do

Bring us down
Can't nothin bring us down
Fruits & Veggie make us high
Bring us down
Hey! Yeah!

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