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Daniel Espinoza Rodriguez

東方幻想魔録~祭 - The Devil of Decline Expansion - Final Boss - Shinki

12,235 views 2 years ago
Boss 10. Shinki!!
Sometimes, when she uses a bomb attack, it will be an aoe attack that decreases my party health to one, that's why I had Shizuha's Magic Barrier, but Shinki didn't used that attack this time.
About the last part of the fight .. Omg, that bomb attack of her final form is even worse than yumeko's. I still don't know about the damage. In my other attempts it did 500 damage, but now it dealt 611 damage. Maybe the level of my party affects it or the moment she turned the field towards dark, but I am not sure for now.
Anyways, at least I beat her!! XD

Update: To see how her final bomb works http://www.youtube.com/watc... Show less
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