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damon&elena | chasing cars (5x22)

24,954 views 1 month ago
watch in hd 720p. please!

"All that I am, all that I ever was
is here in your perfect eyes
they're all I can see"

"...I get to die knowing that I was loved not just by anyone. By you, Elena Gilbert. It's the epitome of a fulfilled life"
"Please, don't leave me"

Are you still crying?
I can't get these lines out of my head and it's driving me crazy because i feel sick and numb and...i miss them so much already.
Thursday night i witnessed one of the most painful and heartbreaking scenes in television history and i dare anyone to tell otherwise, yeah even the ones who don't ship them.
It was such a powerful and emotional moment *KUDOS TO NINA AND IAN. CAN WE GIVE THEM A PCA EVERY YEAR, PLEASE?*, it literally brought me to my knees and every-freaking-time that words come into my head i start crying and i hate everything.


Damon is my favorite male character in the history of ever, he sacrificed himself for his brother, for his town...i mean, that's what i call character development.
He always was the anti-hero since the beginning and you know, i kinda agree with this statement because to me, he will always be the dark knight.
The most brave, selfless and amazing character of the show.

Still i don't even know where to begin with Delena.

What broke me into million pieces was Elena's attitude during the whole episode, she was ready to die with the love of her life, she actually did that.
She wasn't planning to come back from the other side without Damon, when she screamed "why did you do that" to Bonnie the moment she grabbed her and forced her to come back, you can see all her desperation.
I think in that moment, deep down inside of her, she knew that he was gone.
Ok i have to stop because i'm crying again like an idiot.

I hate you, tragic and painful ship but i need you back in my life asap *pretty please*

Ps: When i first started with this vidding thing, i promised myself to use this song only for something as epic as it is.
That moment arrived and even if i think the video is a huge mess, i feel so relived because i finally used it for my ultimate OTP and it was the most amazing experience in my vidder life :D

I'd like to dedicate this video to my special Delena Family:

Caro, Anna and Fede: we watched the episode live at 2.00 AM -CEST- and we cried and screamed so much that night...just so you know girls, i will print our whatsapp convos sooner or later. lol
Love you

Anca, Elena and Maria: 3 of the most talented Delena vidders i know.
Pretty sure your hearts are still broken just as mine.

Laura: @SheIsHisLife on twitter.
She suggested me this song for DE even before she get to know that is my favorite in the whole world. I hope not to let you down with this video, hun.

Kelly: @OhMyDEHeart if you are an hardcore DE shipper but you're not following this girl on twitter you're missing out everything. She is the voice of hope in this fandom, my TL would be dull without her tweets *infact she deactivated for a few days after the finale and i almost lose my shit* lol. Follow her right now!

Pretty sure this is my longest video with the longest description.
Sorry about that.

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