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ERliens - E.T. is Mangled in a Bicycle Accident

3,459 views 3 months ago
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We're not doing a kickstarter because enough already (we reserve the right to change our minds). But if you really need rewards for donating then fine:
under $5 - Yay!
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$50 - Hey hey hey (racistly sounds like Fat Albert)
$100 - Free high fives if you ever see any of us, plus Sandeep will email you something weird.
$1000 - Send us your picture and we'll photoshop you making out with ET, sign it and send it back to you. And you'll get a "fuck buddy" credit for the next few eps, if we get to make em.
$1,000,000 - We solve racism

Created by, Written by Starring by EP by Derek Carter & Sandeep Parikh
EP & Production Designer - Greg Aronowitz
Directed by Paymen Benz
Produced by - Jeff Winkler
Director of Photography & Camera Operator - Chris Darnell
Associate Producer - Josie Kavadoy
Edited by - Tony Orcena & Sandeep Parikh
Music by - Elon Arbiture
Opening Titles by - Joe D! and StuntDouble Industries
Sound Design by - William McGuigan
Visual FX - Lincoln Smith & Grant Olin
Production Sound - Leonardo Nasca
1st Assistant Camera - Dan Cooper
Gaffer - Chris Coronado
Key Grip - Jere Free
Art Director - Alynne "RedFive" Schripsema
Set Constructions - Mazin Dajani, Kevin "Amish" Ivers, John Jenaro Arandia
Art Department Coordinator - Sloane Grace
Sculptor/Paintor - Greg Aronowitz
Animatronics - Mazin Dajani
Lab Techs - Robbie "The Kid" Lindores, Jennifer Chauvin
Foam Tech - Mark Vinello
Make Up - Kato DeStefan
The Extra-Terestrial Constructed by Barnyard FX
Set Photos & Assistant to DP - Adam Leene
ETs Voice - Kirby Slager
Guy who wrote these credits - Sandeep Parikh
Guy who sat behind the guy writing these credits, being snarky - Derek Carter

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