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  • Thanks for posting this. I wish I could say I 'enjoyed' this Mass. I couldn't. This priest did not 'say' Mass, but 'read' Mass. If he didn't know the Latin text (since he and the acolytes clearly are reading) he should have SLOWED DOWN and at least read it for it's sense. The glory in this excellent tradition is in whole heartedly being sincere to it's spirituality, not in merely sliding over the words. Frankly the acolyte did better than the priest!

    Low Mass

    This film is the celebration of Low Latin Tridentine Mass.
  • By the way, Beale AFB take off roll for U-2 is 500 feet. She has extreme lift, and it is very difficult to get her to land - she actually needs to be flown into the ground. No cats needed, and so much lift that after she started, wing tip holders could just let her go! Info from the "Chief Air Bos'n" (and my drinkin buddy ashore) CWO-ABH Heard, who tolld me about all this.

    U-2 carrier take offs and landings

    Rare footage of U-2 carrier take offs and landings. Quite impressive. To see more footage like this go to : http://creativefission.com/Frame_Film_DVD_U2.html
  • Hi, I was in Xerox BSG (Business Systems Group) working with PARC on new product rollouts. I believe it was an early version of Smalltalk GUI running on the Alto. Even this early version was mindblowing to anyone who was accustomed to Apple I and II software and interface!

    Xerox PARC Demo for Apple (1979)

    All about Apple and Xerox Parc:

    Scientists at Xerox PARC showed in December 1979 a team of from Apple the graphical user...
  • Thank you for your kind words. Apple and MS were not just 'copy cats' but in an ethical and moral sense of the word, they were 'thieves'. Today it would be called 'theft of intellectual property' but back then - with Xerox eager to share it's ideas (by giving tours among other things) it was considered 'legal'. Signed -- Edward T. Weeden, BSG - Xerox Corporation, project manager for Star 8010 / 6085 PCS project, 1985-1988.

    DigiBarn TV: Xerox Star 8010 GUI

    A video showing the Xerox Star 8010 graphical user interface (or GUI) presented by Xerox graphical interface designer Dave Smith in the 1981-82 time frame.

    Digibarn TV
    Producer: Xerox Corp
  • Absolutely - an even more appropriate quote than the one I mentioned about Churchill! A pleasure to speak with you. My service was onboard carriers 1977-81 in the N. Arabian sea. This was during the Iranian hostage crisis. I served as the Leading Petty Officer in the Security Section of the Captains Office. We were 60 mi off the coast of Iran when hostages were released and I was among the first to detect their plane taking off from Tehran and crossing into Turkish airspace. Your service?

    The Burning of Washington DC during the War of 1812

    An excerpt from the History Channel's documentary "First Invasion: the War of 1812".
  • RA-5, a beast. Single nose-wheel - a DANGEROUS beast!

    RA-5 Vigilante...UssMidwayMuseumSept2010

    RA-5 Vigilante, carrier based recon fighterJet on flight deck of USS Midway Museum, San Diego, CA

    "2 Steps Backwards, 3 Steps Forward"
    artist: Musicshake

    100927ceMon OutBack Trek
  • Oh yeah . . . and I also had my Sony Walkman blasting Styx, Van Halen and the Stones through an earphone!

    F4 Phantom Engine Start Up and Take Off

    • by jss747
    • 2 years ago
    F4 Phantom starting engines and taxiing out for take off in Cleveland, Ohio during the 2011 Cleveland Air Show. The plane was on the ramp with the Thunderbirds at CLE during the weekend and this v...
  • BZ ubacruzer -- superb vids and choice of tunes!

    US Navy S-3B Viking

    US Navy S-3B Viking
  • AC Directors were the hardest workers and the hardest partiers north of the engine rooms. Trouble was, they could never hear very well...;}

    Doing the Aircraft Carrier Dance.

    A music video I shot and edited years ago and thought I had lost. This is pictures from the Enterprise and Roosevelt, shot in 2001 as the U.S bombed Afghanistan after 9/11.
  • Using the term 'boat' to describe YOUR assigned ship is a term of endearment (or sarcasm) and is used by ship's company as well as CAG. But if anybody not assigned to the ship uses 'boat' - thats a no no -- to them it is a friggin ship! I was ships company, LPO of the CO's office, but discovered both use the term boat when I did 6 months Temdu as LPO in the Air Department as Admin LPO onboard CV-61 (1977-1981). Many friends in Air Dept and CAG -- much better partiers than Ships Co!!!

    Day/Night Carrier Ops (VAQ-138)

    Day/Night Carrier Landings & SSC in OIF/OEF
  • Loved these babies! In addition to its military duties, it had a special underwing pod to hold the mail and bring it aboard! Thanks guys!!!

    Lockheed S-3 Viking

    The Lockheed S-3 Viking was a jet aircraft used by the United States Navy to identify, track, and destroy enemy submarines. In the late 1990s, the S-3B's mission focus shifted to surface warfare an...
  • Brilliant! Amazingly stable video! Much gratitude from an RTC Staff member, 1973-1977.

    NTC at Liberty Station

    Flying my Naza quadcopter at NTC, my old bootcamp, getting a look at my old barracks and San Diego airport.
  • . . . and they shall beat their swords into plowshares . . . -- the story of Liberty Station.


  • OOPs, maybe not on those PLAT numbers...sorry, it's been 35+ years...

    A-7 Corsair Brake Failure and Zero-Zero Ejection

    Northwest of Australia and just south of Bali, an A-7 taxiing has a total hydraulic and brake failure. The 70 is short for CVN-70, i.e. the USS Carl Vinson, and F means Foul deck, i.e. the ship is ...
  • I can remember looking down often from my Bridge Station and seeing plane captains asleep / resting inside the air intake duct! A screamin bird! (CO's Talker, JA Circuit, USS Ranger 1977-1981).

    Sky Warriors: The A-7 CORSAIR II

    A Helluva plane!
  • 'dead casualty' and thought I'd be 'smart' and have rigor mortis with my arms stuck out so I couldn't be evacuated through the kneeknockers! One of my buddies from MARDET chimed in and said "Sir, if he's dead is it OK if I break his shoulders so we can make him fit through the kneeknockers?" Lesson learned - I immediately 'sprang back to life' and pulled in my outstreached arms! That entire side of the bridge busted up laughing! OORAH!!!

    Best Cat Shot Ever

    A guy standing right underneath the tailpipe of a ea-6b on the Catapult. This video was taken on the 2002-2003 Abraham Lincoln cruise. They broke the record for length of deployment since Vietnam.
  • BZ Chief!!! (Co. 131, 1973) -- even back then we were considered 'New Navy' and were often referred to as 'Zumwalt's Zombies'...!

    (old) Navy Bootcamp Video (part 2 of 2)

    This video was given to me by my recruiter nearlyt 8 years ago before I went in in 2001. I don't believe this video is still being distributed, it has been replaced with a fresh, new, modern versio...
  • In my day, regular companies reset at start of year (73-001 for example). Special companies (band, choir, 50-state flag, drum and bugle) started with 901 at beginning of each year.

    (old) Navy Bootcamp Video (part 1 of 2)

    This video was given to me by my recruiter nearlyt 8 years ago before I went in in 2001.

    I don't believe this video is still being distributed, it has been replaced with a fresh, new, modern ver...
  • Leggings and small arms training were discontinued 1972-1973. So were the wide combat belts that held things like holsters and canteens. From a Staff RTC sailor who served 1973-1977.

    Navy Boot Camp San Diego, Side Two

    Navy boot camp in sound and pictures... Millions of men went through Recruit Training Command, Naval Training Center, San Diego, California, from 1923 until 1997, when the base was closed. Jostens,...
  • BZ to ktbryant - excellent post! Yes, we would like to see more of Liberty Sta.

    Liberty Station San Diego former home of the Naval Training Center (NTC)

    A walk through NTC Park showing large caliber training guns & numerous granite blocks memorializing submariners and boats lost during WWII.

    Flyover of a Southwest 737 taking off from Lindbergh ...
  • Thanks so much for the post. There are friendly ghosts and memories walking through it and still inhabit Liberty Station. The planes sound so much louder now than when I was stationed there as Staff!!!

    2001 NTC San Diego Walking Tour

    In January of 2001, I took a walk around the former Naval Training Center in San Diego. At the time the base had been handed over to the City of San Diego for a variety of uses and tenants. Const...
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