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Ode to the Kingsway (Simple Life)

805 views 11 months ago
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Inspired by Britain's first ring-road, and its double-circle, sorely missed :)

Track 8 on Simple Life by Ed Muirhead on Tattie Records / http://tattierecords.com

Ode to the Kingsway

Many years ago Great Britain's first ring road
Was built around Dundee.
On the banks of the Tay, the mighty Kingsway,
A super sight to see.

Kingsway, oh Kingsway, you save us lots of time.
Kingsway, oh Kingsway, your circles are so fine.

The jewel in the crown some may say
Was the double-circle at the top of the kingsway.
From north to south, east to west,
The double circle was the best.
You could come in from Arbroath
And use one circle or both,
Down to the town, west to Perth
Or north to Forfar and Aberdeen,
But if you make a figure of eight
You'd be back to where you'd been.

But the double-circle didn't last,
Their concrete curves are a thing of the past.
Now junctions fill that space,
And too many traffic lights take their place.

From the flow of the circle to the stop of the lights
Progress travels on.
And the cars and lorries through the day and night
Keep the Kingsway going strong.

© 2013 Copyright Edwin Muirhead

(Song written as an affectionate, yet tongue-in-cheek tribute to the road and circles - don't take it too seriously! :) Show less
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