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  • Yeah, she's a fraud. That's why a few hundred million people all over the world love this woman. Because she's a fraud. Sure.

    Get a life, haters.

    Lady Gaga starts crying during The Edge of Glory - St. Paul, MN BTWB 2-6-13

    Sorry for the shaky camera - I was zoomed in 40x so every tiny movement was picked up. It gets better after a minute or two :) I was trying to record around the person in front of me in the beginni...
  • Just a little note to people making fun of the fellow crying in this clip.

    I don't say this out of anger but sadness.

    You will never know what that man was feeling at that moment. But I'm a grown man his age and I DEFINITELY understand and so do literally millions of people around the planet.

    If you're too young you can't possibly "get it" and you shouldn't be expected to... but when you make fun of it remember... it's your loss, and you'll never know how huge a loss it is. Beyond words...

    All My Loving- Paul McCartney

    Paul McCartney "Back in the U.S" Concert film
  • One can say this a thousand times but insecure Christians will not accept it...

    But here goes. Life of Brian is not about Jesus.

    As to Mr. Cleese supposedly "despising Christianity" (which these clips show no evidence of,) I'd wager a month's paycheck that Jesus himself, if he were to return to Earth, would despise contemporary Christianity as well.

    Jesus was a great and wise teacher. And that's it. I don't hold him responsible for the ongoing perversion of his words by others.

  • Emily, sweet girl... when you say that you "left your soul in Iceland" it brought a lump to my throat - I know EXACTLY what you mean. I spent two weeks in Reky recently and literally fell in LOVE with the place and the people. I retire in four years, I've traveled all over deciding where I would expatriate to (from the US.) - after I was in Iceland for three days I KNEW it was Reykjavik. I could feel it. I knew it as truly as anything I've ever known. Broke my heart to leave, like yours. THANKS!

    Iceland Part 3: Reykjavik

    And here lies the final chapter of my Iceland travels...
  • This claim that the landing was hoaxed... and hear me well you lonely little people sitting on your Doritos-stained couch in your Mom's basement...

    This claim of a hoax is the single easiest to disprove in the entire history of conspiracy theories. A twelve year old with very basic scientific and photographic knowledge could easily debate any one of you into the ground. Perhaps in his sleep.

    QI XL - Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

    Something quite interesting to discuss is of course whether the moon landing occurred or didn't occur. So, "would you believe that they put a man on the moon?"
    (the clip is taken from the "Hoaxes"...
  • You'd have to long search for a more naive and ill informed interviewer who conversely thinks he's such a genius.

    Every fact that Gov, Ventura put forward is well documented. Morgan's disbelief of the existence of a BBC video showing a pre-announcement of the fall of Building 7 is laughable and an example of his cluelessness. It could have been found on Youtube by a clever ten year old at the time of this show's taping.

    Piers, Jesse just ate your lunch. You're such a little Princess.

  • The central problem here is, of course, that unless the Russians decide to release their own recordings from this supposed flight, of the US government has a version of their own, the validity of this tape cannot possibly be verified in any way.

    I think it's entirely possible that this is genuine, but possibility is in no way proof of fact.

    If the tape is genuine... it's profoundly heartbreaking and may this brave woman rest in peace.

    Lost Cosmonaut - Is this the first woman in space?

    This is a supposed recording of a Soviet space flight in 1961. In it, a Russian woman can be heard complaining about the increasing temperature inside the craft before it is destroyed attempting re...
  • The credibility of this film is destroyed in the first minute when onboard video (actually a kinescope) is shown that is actually Valentina Tereshkova, not the lost cosmonaut... and the craft shown bears not the slightest resemblance to the Vostok craft.

    Пропавшие космонавты / Missing in Space: The Story of Lost Cosmonauts

    "Искаженный помехами и слабым радиосигналом женский голос отчаянно просил помощи у Земли. Что-то пошло не так. Кислород в отсекеочти на исходе, обшивку лижут языки пламени. До катастрофы оставались...
  • You couldn't correctly define the term Socialism if you were left in a library for a week with a couple of professors to assist you.

    SOYUS 1 CRASH, real cosmonaut Komarov last words, April 24 1967

    WIKIPEDIA CUTS: Soyuz 1 was launched on April 23, 1967 at 00:32 UTC from Baikonur Cosmodrome, making Komarov the first Soviet cosmonaut to fly in space twice.
    Problems began shortly after launch w...
  • Young fans might note the great passion with which oldies like me describe Humble Pie. Trust me, it's well deserved and real.

    HP were without argument an untouchable, incomparable, stunning, iconic, KILLER and FUN live band. Nobody that saw them live ever forgot the experience. God Bless Humble Pie and God Bless Steve Marriott, the greatest showman to ever front a rock and roll band. Period.

    When I remember their shows I sweat and I smile, and my fellow HP veterans know exactly what I mean.

    Humble Pie Reunion - I Don't Need No Doctor

    Great jam. Tribute concert for Steve Marriot 4/20/01 in London.

    Clem Clempson : Guitar
    Peter Frampton : Guitar
    Greg Ridley : Bass
    Jerry Shirley : Drums
  • You've "seen several songs from these shows."

    Well, kinds says it all, doesn't it. Guess I'll just have to bow to your superior judgement. Enjoy American Idol. and other rockless experiences. I guess disco lives...

    The Rolling Stones "Wild Horses" with Gwen Stefani May 3, 2013 Los Angeles Staples Center

    Gwen guesting with the Stones at the Staples Center May 3, 2013.

    I used a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V. Great $350 camera for shooting concerts.

    This version isn't nearly as good as Gram Parsons v...
  • As someone who has looked carefully at this case for most of my life, I am convinced that Sirhan committed this act, and that he should never be released.

    But I'm convinced beyond one atom of a doubt that there was a second shooter. The evidence is undeniable unless you literally suspend the laws of physics and math.

    Sirhan is guilty but I believe he THINKS he's telling the truth. There is some element of this story that remains a mystery, and sadly we will never know what really happened.

    sirhan sirhan Are The comments correct was there a second shooter ??????

    bobby kennedy assassin 1968 interview with David frost 1987 (I posted this because i thought people should see it guilty or not the kennedy's are a controversial family ?)
  • Many thanks to whoever posted this, what a gorgeous song, my favorite work by Oldfield, I've played it for decades... and it's very, very hard to imagine a more beautiful woman, my God...

    And yes it's lip synched but, y'know... so what. Appreciate it for what it is.

    Peter's pop-show 1987 Mike Oldfield & Anita Hegerland - The Time Has Come.

    Show entirely can be looked on,http://vkontakte.ru/video3873013_147202459 ( ALL PARTS we SEARCH ON DURATION And Quality 720p)
  • I'm an agnostic. I believe there MAY be a higher power... but that power is beyond our capacity to comprehend it. I think a human claiming to know God is like an ant claiming that it can fly the Space Shuttle. I believe in evolution... but I think its complexity may be proof of that higher power. I don't believe the two positions are contradictory.

    I greatly appreciate the host's interview style and the respect he shows his guest. He's wrong but he seems a good, honest, decent man.

    Revelation TV Interview with Richard Dawkins, amazingly idiotic Creationist questions!

    Richard Dawkins in the lions den, lol.

    An interview that really indicates what the rational are up against with creationists.

    The interviewer asks how we were able to go to the toilet if we evol...
  • molucca Red

    • 93 videos

    Exclusive George Galloway content. Interviews,Pod casts, rare and often unseen clips, also in the up coming weeks and months the George Galloway Pod cast.

    I've worked for 37 years in the concert business, running mid sized halls, I've booked hundreds of bands and I've seen just about every act out there.

    I saw Garbage on this tour, in Richmond VA, and I have to tell you... honest to God... seriously...

    Garbage are the single greatest live rock and roll band I've ever seen in my life. I don't know of any act out there that can come in a close second.

    And by the way, the nicest folks you'd ever want to meet.

    Garbage @ Metropolis - 27 Mar 2013 - Full Show - HD

    The entire performance of Garbage during the "Not Your Kind of People" tour.

    Shot on Wednesday, March 27 2013, at Metropolis in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

    Not of my usual quality. Security came ov...
  • Aside from the fact that Garbage are without exception the single greatest live rock and roll band touring today... THIS video is another example of why I dearly love this band so much. I've briefly met them all and they're very down to Earth, friendly and humble people and they're absolutely keyed in to their fans.

    Yet another very classy and human move on their part.

    If you've never seen them... you must. There's no act out there that can touch them. They're at the peak of their powers.

  • Quick note from a US citizen.

    I'm a pretty hardened guy, a straight fellow who has watched US politics surrounding this issue with absolute disgust..

    This is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful and moving clips I've ever seen and I'll confess that it brought a tear to my eye.

    I can only hope that someday my own government and people achieve the level of decency, basic common sense and simple human compassion that the people and leaders of New Zealand have shown by this action.

  • Jenna - quick note from a 60 year old male fan.

    I've had a great life, a cool career in historic theatre restoration, produced hundreds of concerts of all kinds, traveled extensively, lots of friends and lovers, lots of WOW moments, been to receptions at the White House, etc. etc... all pretty good for a guy who quit high school...

    My point is... Not once did I ever know what I wanted to do with my life. Don't overthink it. You'll be fine!

    I love you for making me laugh. Just ride the waves!

    Draw My Life- Jenna Marbles

    Doggy Toys:

    This video accidentally turned out kind of sad, ME SO SOWWY IT NOT POSED TO BE SAD WHO WANTS HUGS AND COOKIES? Also, FYI for anyone attempting this, ...
  • Thanks SO much for posting this. This was my very first exposure to anything Les Miz and it stopped me in my tracks. I had turned on the Donahue show and was about to turn it off... but thankfully something stopped me. I saw Ms. Graff and the full production soon after, and she just killed it, she was transcendent. I'll admit as a grown man that she reduced me to tears. To hear this from twenty feet in front of you... well, I pretty much lost it. It still gets me. BRAVO MS. GRAFF!

    Randy Graff Sings "I Dreamed a Dream"

    Randy Graff Sings "I Dreamed a Dream" on The Phil Donahue Show
  • We all have our favorite Fantines, mine being Randy Graff back in 1987, but these comments miss a central point and I'm often guilty of it myself...

    Somehow we all seem to forget to mention the songwriters Claude Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil.

    This has to be quite literally one of the most astonishingly moving and painful and heartbreaking songs ever written. I don't know anything that can touch it.

    People will know this work 200 years from now and it will still bring tears to the eyes.

    Ruthie Henshall - I Dreamed A Dream (Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert - Royal Albert Hall)

    The famous song from Broadway and West End hit musical Les Miserables 'I dreamed a dream' sung by the character Fantine. Ruthie Henshall played Fantine here in the 10th Anniversary Concert at the R...
  • The first time I saw the stage production I met a couple at intermission who had seen the show 6 times. Very weird, I thought... get a life. Well, after now having seen it 17 times in three different countries, I understand.

    But I wonder if I'm the only fan of the stage show who made the decision NOT to see the film... not just for the odd casting and dicey reviews, but simply because the stage production exists so fully and perfectly in our heads?

    I Dreamed a Dream - Les Misérables - Anne Hathaway - Sub. Español

    Canción "I Dream a Dream" del musical "Les Misérables" interpretada por Anne Hathaway con traducción y subititulos al español.
  • THANKS for posting this. Great footage, remarkable performance.

    What was the camera brand and model? I'm amazed it handled the volume with so little distortion.

    So great to see this woman EAT THE AUDIENCE ALIVE. Maybe the greatest live band I've ever seen.

    Garbage - "Not Your Kind of People" Concert @ House of Blues, Houston TX (Oct,9, 2012)

    Music Venue: House of Blues
    Date: October 9, 2012
    Garbage Houston House Of Blues Shirley Manson "Live Music" Supervixen Paranoid Shut your Mouth Why do you love me
  • If I am entering or leaving the United States, of which I am a citizen, and I am asked by a security person or immigration employee for information I will provide it and I will submit to a search. I have zero problem with that.

    If I am asked for the same information within the United States and I am nowhere near an international border... and the officer cannot tell me what their probable cause is for asking me their first question, I will peacefully and politely refuse to comply.

    Top DHS checkpoint refusals

    Checkpoints (some would say illegal checkpoints) have been popping up quite frequently in the USA. As you see in this video, you DO NOT have to comply with their question's or demands. Don't forg...
  • Well done, thanks and I'm ordering it. Now let's hope for a remastering of "Child's Adventure," as you know a REMARKABLE work.


  • Gee. I wonder who knows more about this topic. A highly decorated cop or a US Senator.


    Police Chief Humiliates Sen. Graham at gun hearing: 'You're Wrong' on background checks

    Milwaukee police chief Edward A. Flynn Confronts Sen. Lindsey Graham in front of Senate Judiciary Committee Feb. 27, 2013
  • British Pathé

    • 81,687 videos
    The world's finest news and entertainment video film archive. Since the invention of the moving image in the 1890's, British Pathé began recording every aspect of global culture and news, for the cine
  • Rest in Peace Mr. Huxley. Seven or eight huge international hits, first band to knock the Beatles out of the #1 spot on the UK charts, sold out tours, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... Good Job, Sir!

    Huffington Post this AM described the DC5 as a "middle of the road pop-rock band."

    What idiocy. The DC5 were a monster band, powerful, driving, a monumental force and any of their hits played through good speakers will still knock you right out of your chair.

    God Bless the DC5...

    The Dave Clark Five - Anyway You Want It

    You Have To Read This If You Love 60's Music...
    If you are into rock and roll, we would like to invite you to join us at:


    It's a great interactive Rock and Ro...
  • You have to be a sick, demented, sophomoric idiot to make such a comment. Your world must be very cold and lonely.

    Subtitled COCKPIT Last taped moments Shuttle Columbia ACCIDENT + cockpit communication

    Subtitled last taped 9 minutes in the Cockpit +crew com. during fatal re-entry. The last minutes on tape that survived re-entry
    HQ version Click HERE http://youtu.be/_rIHdk-_UoM

    Space Shuttle C...
    • CC
  • In my preceding post I neglected to THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH for making this clip available on Youtube. You have no idea how much pleasure it's given me for the past day or so. It took me right back to 68/69.

    God Bless Jools... and God Bless Brian and the boys... PHENOMENAL live band, we've never seen their like since.

    Julie Driscoll - Road to Cairo (Live 1969)

    Una nueva forma de sofisticación surgió con JULIE DRISCOLL, que en perfecto contubernio con BRIAN AUGER, se apropiaron de todo el crisol de músicas negras, y destilandolo en su partícular émbolo, d...
  • THANKS SO MUCH for putting this up... as rare a clip as I've ever seen on Youtube. BRAVO.

    I'm a huge Julie fan, saw her live just once at the Boston Tea Party, sat about ten feet from her and have never fully recovered.

    I share your frustration, I'd give a left toe for the full film. Anyone have any clues?

    Lived In London just a few years after this wa shot... captures the scene perfectly... and there's Blind Faith in Hyde Park...

  • A simple question. After a GIGANTIC plane supposedly hits the Pentagon.

    The question is this.


    9/11 Pentagon Attack: Another Closer Look

    Conspiracy theorists claim that on 9/11 a cruise missile struck the Pentagon, not an American Airlines Boeing 757. They support these claims by stating that no AA 757 wreckage was ever found. Loo...
  • When you have a massively successful 43 year career, friend, with millions upon millions of people loving you all around the planet when you're 66... you be sure to let us know....

    Who's The Woman In David Bowie 's Birthday Single "Where Are We Now"?

    January 8, 2013:
    Surprising background views in a live heart-to-heart-talk with Steve Strange (1980s pop group Visage) and Krissi Murison ("The Sunday Times") about glam rock's "The Dame" David Bo...
  • Congratulations on your excellent taste, young friend... from a 60 year old who has been following Bowie since 1972!

    David Bowie - Where Are We Now?

    Watch an excerpt of David Bowie's new single, Where Are We Now? his first release in a decade.

    The veteran music star broke years of silence and speculation to release the single and announce the ...
  • Literally one of the most perfect couple of minutes ever put on vinyl.

    The world stops turning on its axis every single time I hear it.

    Love you forever, Ms. Lester

    Ketty Lester - Love Letters (Live - 2002)

    From the tv show "More Red White & Rock," here is Ketty doing her big hit. If you love Ketty, make sure you see the other version I have uploaded from a 1999 performance.
  • Thanks so much for posting this, God what great memories...

    Saw the Faces at least a dozen times in London and Boston, almost always in small venues. (Any Boston Tea Party attendees out there?) Never anything less than great fun and dirty, raw rock and roll and Rod's amazing voice.

    Got to spend a good bit of time with them backstage at the Roundhouse (when I was 21... centuries ago) and I promise you, to a man they were the nicest, most generous guys you could ever want to meet.

    ♫ The Faces Live 1972 ♫

    The Original Faces live video from BBC Crown Jewels. This is the video in it's entirety! Original date, 04/01/1972. AMAZING CONCERT! Watch in full screen!
    Rod Steward~Vocals,
    Ron Wood~Guitar/Vocal...
  • More than any film of an LSD experience, trust me, this clip portrays it's reality. Some I've shown it to say that this woman has temporarily lost her mind, her grasp on reality.

    To most of us who have traveled this path, however, it shows a woman who has found her reality. I feel nothing but joy for her as I watch.

    I wish we could find an interview with her ten years later. I'm sure she learned what most of us did... that you are never the same person after you've taken LSD. Fortunately.

    1950s Housewife in LSD Experiment

    • by jogman
    • 3 years ago
    From a television programme, circa 1956, about mental health issues.
    Dr Sidney Cohen, was dosing volunteers at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Los Angeles.
    Dr Cohen, seen sitting at a ta...
  • I've worked in the concert business for 33 years and have to say that this is the single most astonishing last number and stage exit I've ever seen.

    Simply breathtaking. Exquisite. A work of genius, both Mylene's and her set and lighting designers. And what a band...

    Mylène Farmer - Si j'avais au moins... (Live / N°5 On Tour)

    Clip live from the DVD of collector's box set "No 5 On Tour" by Mylène Farmer.

    Mylène Farmer concert at the Stade de France.
    DVD Release scheduled around March 2010. CD Album live released Dece...
  • My young friend, you're learning a very valuable lesson which is that insecure people will make fun of anyone they sense is more intelligent than they are, especially an attractive young woman.

    Do not be deterred. your very big heart is telling you what kind of a career to choose. Listen to your heart.

    I'm 60, I've traveled a great deal in my life and I can say that Seaworld is the single most depressing, sickening and consciously evil place I've ever visited.

    Keep up the good work, friend.


    MAY 29,2010 Orlando Florida PETA Protest against Seaworld on it's animal abuse and breeding for greed.
  • FreedomForOrcas

    • 115 videos
    The great ocean blue is a small dolphin's home,
    So why must I stay in this tank all alone?
    I'm bored, sad and lonely, with nothing to do,
    Each day is the same, with the very same view.

    I remember the
  • Thanks for your "rant," which resulted in my pre-ordering the book you've discussed.

    I admire the good work you're doing, my young friend, and encourage you to stay strong and committed, which I know you will.

    I've just turned 60, I've traveled a great deal in my life... but the single most depressing and evil place I have ever visited... was Seaworld. 20 years have passed and the memory almost literally nauseates me to this day.

    As a Sixties activist... I'm proud of you. Peace to you.

    Anti-Death At SeaWorld arguments have no grounding

    If any of you have any legitimate arguments concerning this issue, I invite you to leave a comment instead of hiding behind your computers and disliking all my videos. But I know none of you will.
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