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Reena Kazmann

  • 7 Creative and Eco Gifts for Co-Workers Under $30

    Looking for creative gifts for employees, coworkers or an annual gift exchange? Eco-Artware.com presents a wide selection of stylish gifts, handcrafted in the USA by independent artists, that will ...
  • Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

    For more ideas visit http://www.pinterest.com/ecoartware/diy-gift-wrap-eco-fri.... This video shows eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts with cloth, paper bags, newspaper and points out the environme...
  • Paper Guru

    • 61 videos
    Welcome to my YouTube channel!

    I'm Shiho and here I hope to connect with people around the world and share ideas that can inspire your next creative project!

    Thanks for your support and I will cont
  • Ana J. A.

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    • Craftrootz- Handmade Boxes made from Recycled Tin-cans

      Recycled tin-can boxes made by hand in South Africa. Visit Craftrootz.com for more products that are handmade by the locals in Southern Africa. Handcrafts at Grassroots level.
    • At Home with Eco-Artware.com

      An interview with Reena

      Interviewed by Evelyn Chang
      for Etelligent Strategies, Washington, DC
      Video by Evelyn Chang
      Filmed March 2012
    • John and Dana of Frequency555.com met up with Brian Parks, creator of Kwytza Chopstick Baskets, and Reena Kazmann, owner of Eco-Artware.com. Brian's folding basket design uses recycled chopsticks and he has even been featured on the popular ABC television show, "Shark Tank." Brian sells his product online at www.Eco-Artware.com. Reena created Eco-Artware.com 12 years ago and has been selling goods made from recycled materials in order to promote sustainable consumer practices.

      Frequency555.com: Kytza Chopstick Baskets and Eco-Artware.com

      John and Dana of Frequency555.com met up with Brian Parks, creator of Kwytza Chopstick Baskets, and Reena Kazmann, owner of Eco-Artware.com. Brian's folding basket design uses recycled chopsticks ...
    • We Heart DC Entrepreneurs presents the story of Reena Kazmann, the owner and founder of Eco-Artware.com, an online art eco gift store offering well-made and eco-friendly jewelry and gifts that showcases functional crafts made by artists committed to sustainability.

      We Heart DC Entrepreneurs- Eco-Artware.com

      Sponsored by http://www.etelligentstrategies.com

      We Heart DC Entrepreneurs series focus on discovering unique and compelling stories of entrepreneurs in the DC metro area who have struck out on th...
    • Well, I agree with you -- but part of the "gift" experience is to make it look special, somehow, I think. If you are going to pitch newspapers, or paper bags, for instance, why not use them to wrap presents. Wrap creates the element of surprise. A luxury--but if you have supplies that don't add to the waste pile, why not?

      8 Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts With Newspaper

      This video shows 8 easy and eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts with newspaper. Produced by Eco-Artware. http://www.eco-artware.com
    • What's in my Recycled Juice Pack Tote Bag?

      Our eco-friendly Recycled Juice Pack Tote Bag is handwoven from cleaned, plastic juice packs by underemployed Philippine craftswomen working in fair trade conditions. Holds a Nook, cell phone, came...
    • What's in My Eco Sport Pouch?

      Eco-friendly sport pouch made from recycled rice bags by underemployed Philippine women in fair trade conditions. Light to carry, yet holds a lot. Durable and waterproof.
    • So glad this moves you to move on to new options. We also did a video on very attractive ways to wrap gifts with newspaper. (You'll find it on the same channel). Lots of choices.

      3 Easy Ways to Wrap Gifts with Cloth

      Brought to you by eco-artware.com
    • Sounds as though JJ has a nice personality and kindly approach to children. I'd like to see a sample of what he'd like to produce for children--how much activity there would be in it.

      Reena Kazmann

      My Calling - Jaye Johnson

      This video describes my vision for a video show for children. People tell me I have an outstanding way with children and I am now ready to produce my own children's video show.
    • ReenaK

      Sweet song! It would make a great singalong with a group of people. Nice sounds on unusual instruments! What's a strumstick and is it homemade too?

      Just Enough Time

      "Just Enough Time" Written by Tim (Jongo) Skehan
      Performed by Tim Skehan (on strum Stick and Vocal) and Andy Gertler (on the "Chairs") Lyrics Below:
      Just Enough Time

      There is just enough tim...
    • Lovely song. Interesting to watch too -- beautifully done. Congratulations.

      "A Man Needs an Airplane " by Happy Chichester

      Click on the HD button (lower right of player) to see in full quality.

      A Man Needs an Airplane" by: Happy Chichester

      Producers: Greg Sabo & Bob Egle
      Director: Bob Egle
      DP: Greg Sabo
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