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Echoing Green asks: What's Your Problem?

5,756 views 8 months ago
Echoing Green wants to know—What's Your Problem?

Echoing Green Fellows don't just identify social problems—they are driven to do whatever it takes to solve them. That's owning a problem.

Echoing Green imagines a world where we all look into what really matters to us, identifying our purpose in work that shakes us to the core. What would our neighborhood, cities, countries, or our world look like if we all owned a problem and dedicated ourselves to addressing it?

As we move into the 2014 Fellowship Application cycle, we're re-energized by our anticipation of the thousands of stories we will hear of emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs around the globe dedicated their lives to solving the world's biggest problems.

Echoing Green Fellowships application opens December 3, 2013. Visit http://echoinggreen.org/fel... for more information, and to register for updates and application guidance.

Video features 2013 Echoing Green Global and Black Male Achievement Fellows Gaurav Singh, Lesley Silverthorn Marincola, Sarah Comeau, Christopher Ategeka, Benson Wereje, Anoop Jain, Vanessa Garrison, Maria Vertkin, Kane Sarhan, and T. Morgan Dixon. Show less
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