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Eben Davis

Chiropractor San Francisco Review Sciatica

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Our "San Francisco Chiropractor" Patient of the Week is Harper Brooks. Harper presented to our doctors for treatment with a bad case of low back pain and sciatica that was interfering with her healthy lifestyle transformation. Here is here amazing story: Over the past 3 years, Harper has become very serious about her health. She weighed over 300 lbs, and was constantly in pain, and felt very limited in her life activities. Dedicated to improving her overall health, she lost over 150 lbs, rides her bike 40+ minutes daily, and dances as often as possible. Harper was devastated when she developed sciatica (numbness and tingling down the leg) because she could no longer live and enjoy her new-found healthy lifestyle. Her pain was so severe that she could hardly sit down, and couldn't even entertain the idea of riding her bike. She went to her medical doctor who wanted to give her drugs and do surgery, but Harper wanted a more conservative approach for her condition. She has been receiving regular treatments at EEC to get in control of the problem that is causing her pain. She is currently 95% better, experiences very slight numbness/tingling in a small part of her leg 1-2x/week. With the help of a home TENS unit and regular chiropractic adjustments, she is back to living her healthy lifestyle, and loving every minute of it! We are so happy for you Harper. You are an inspiration to everyone! Many patients in San Francisco are suffering needlessly with low back pain and sciatica. They have just been unable to find the right kind of treatment. Some have tried physical therapy and cortisone injections. Some of our sciatica patients have even had back surgery. If you live or work near the Embarcadero Center in the SF Financial District of San Francisco than you should contact us for a complimentary sciatica assessment. Please call 4150392-2225. Show less
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Executive Express Chiropractic San Francisco Play

Dr. Eben Davis and Executive Express Chiropractic in the SF Financial District. We treat back pain, neck pain, and wrist pain using Active Release Techniques (ART), chiropractic, and nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000. We are located at the Embarcadero Center near the Ferry Building. We have walk-in service and no-waiting.
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