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Eatliz - A visit to Dendroida (Audio) אטליז

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A Visit To Dendroida, Taken from Eatliz new album ALL OF IT.
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סיבוב מופעי השקה לאלבום החדש:
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3.7 - מועדון הג'אם בעכו
12.7 - צוללת צהובה, ירושלים
19.7 - מועדון הסירופ, חיפה

Many of the songs in this album revolve around the helplessness of an artist in crisis, having lost his inspiration and his muse - or simply because he gets no appreciation for his work.
"A Visit to Dendroidia" is the story of an artist who creates an imaginary land called Dendroidia. He travels Dendroidia and meets its inhabitants, astonished to discover how similar to him they all are. But the story doesn't resonate with the adult world and commercial success eludes him. With no financing to be found the story implodes, as do the hearts of the characters of Dendroidia, who end up rejecting the artist. The writer, however, has no choice but to continue creating, daydreaming, tell stories and come up with new pieces that might never get any validation.

Composed & animat by - Guy Ben Shetrit
Illustrations by Ofra Gur Arye
Produced & Mixed by: Itamar Ziegler

Gadi Peter - Additional drums

*** A visit to Dendroida***
Lyrics: Sivan Abelson & Guy Ben Shetrit
composed by - Guy Ben Shetrit

The dendroid scientists magically
Are dancing much like I am

Their wooden eyes refuse to see
They move and talk like I do

In the daylight I'm a dreamer
In the night time I'm at war
Setting fire to the rivers

They searched for signs in raging sea
They're out to find the sirens
The dendroids hearts are pale and sick
The dendroids hearts are dying

In the daylight I'm a dreamer
In the night time I'm at war
Setting fire to the rivers

When the night falls I'm the leader
I'm not broken anymore
Fighting for something I believe in
Setting fire to the rivers Show less
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New album "All Of It" Play

Tel Aviv dream rock Eatliz are back. After two years in the making, their anticipated third LP "All of It" marks Eatliz's thunderous, fiery return. With hypnotic front-woman Sivan Abelson joining the band, and New York producer Itamar Ziegler (Balkan Beat Box, Pink Noise) on board, "All of It" presents a twist in their already adventurous journey.
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