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9/11 was an inside job

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Steven Jones, "The Careful Professor"
Take a look at who he 'really' is and then tell me why he never MENTIONED Thermate in his report to NIST?

Judy Wood, http://drjudywood.com/ the most highly qualified scientist who's specific disciplines are analyzing this type of event and aftermeth, and ALL the evidence, including the HURRICANE that was headed straight for NY City on 9/11, and never mentioned by Jones, or the other Jones... or on the news, . She brought a lawsuit before the Supreme Court with a MOUNTAIN of EVIDENCE of Directed Energy Weapons being used on the WTC, ... if this was not valid she would be sitting in prison right now.. or dead.

Rick Seigel FILMED the destruction on 9/11 and caught helicopters dropping something into the towers,.. could that have anything to do with Cold Fusion, or some other type of Directed Energy Weapon? (It was coming from a ISRAELI Chopper flying directly over the Tower immediately before it erupted.

Why is Steven Jones trying to lead people away from Judy Wood's research into "Free Energy Weapons' being used on 9/11?
Steven Jones "Coined' the term "Cold Fusion".
. and the 'alleged' "9/11 Truth Movement" talk about his peer reviewed paper as if it is the final word... well, just take a look at "WHO' his Illumined Rhodes Scholar, 'round table' peers are ..

Steven Jones (Energy / Fusion) credentials

Graduated from Bellevue High School, Bellevue, Washington, with 4.0 scholastic average (A=4.0) in 1967.

B.S. in Physics, Mathematics minor, magna cum laude with honors, from Brigham Young University in 1973, retaining the Presidential (David O. McKay) Scholarship. Ph.D. in Physics, Mathematics/Electronics minors from Vanderbilt University in 1978, retaining full Tuition Scholarship and Research Fellowship (1973-1978). Ph.D. research conducted at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (1974-1977); course work completed at Stanford University. Post-doctoral research conducted at Cornell University (CESR) and the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility. Conducted research at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, EG & G Idaho, Idaho Falls, 1979-1985 (Senior Engineering Specialist). Joined BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy, faculty, 1985. Principal Investigator for experimental muon-catalyzed fusion 1982-1991 for the U.S. Department of Energy, Division of Advanced Energy Projects. Spokesman for LAMPF Experiment #727 and co-spokesman for LAMPF Experiments #963 and #1151 (1982 - 1993). Collaborator in several other experiments, including experiments at TRIUMF (Vancouver, Canada), The National High Energy Laboratory, KEK (Tsukuba, Japan), Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory (Oxford, U.K.), and Kamioka, Japan. Associate Director, Brigham Young University Center for Fusion Studies, 1989-1994 Search for fusion in condensed matter and deuterium, research for U.S. Department of Energy (May 1986 - December 1991) and for the Electric Power Research Institute (April 1990-June 1993).


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