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The Earls Chef Collective (Earls Kitchen + Bar)

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Earls Kitchen + Bar and the Earls Chef Collective (http://earlsrestaurants.com) features many chefs working together - bringing new ideas, new cooking techniques, new ingredients and new inspiration into the Earls Test Kitchen and onto the Earls menu.

Tapping into the cooking styles, different culinary training and ethnic backgrounds have resulted in some pretty exciting dishes in the Earls Test kitchen and this summer you will find a dozen or more of the new dishes on various Earls' menus. In light of that Earls thought it was time to introduce you to the chefs themselves.

The Earls Chef Collective includes: Chef Dawn Doucette, Chef David Wong, Chef Hamid Salimian, Chef Jeff McInnis, Chef Tina Fineza with Sous Chefs Andrew Hounslow and Bowen Lansdell.

Additional chefs from Canada and the US will be joining us in the coming months.

Earls has always looked outside of the box for inspiration, whether that was in faraway lands, new ingredients and cooking methods, or local and visiting chefs.

The guest chef program in the past had seen Vancouver's top fine dining chef, an Iron Chef, award winning international chefs and world
renowned ethnic chefs contribute to the menu but just over a year ago Earls made a discovery that has changed the way they create their dishes.

It was to have all the chefs in the kitchen at the same time.

Instead of working with a small team of in-house culinary development chefs with guest chefs and chef consultants contributing a menu item, or with a "celebrity chef" putting their name on the entire menu,

Earls decided to hire some of those consulting chefs to work for the company, some full time, some part time, but to have all of them work together collaboratively. Their talents are vastly different, yet equal, as are their positions in the kitchen.

They noticed dishes that started with a brilliant idea from one chef could be elevated even further by another, or the reverse, a complicated fine dining recipe one chef brought to the table could be simplified and reworked to make a great Earls dish.

For more information on the Earls Kitchen + Bar, visit: http://earlsrestaurants.com

For more information on the Earls menu, visit: http://www.earlsrestaurants...

To continue viewing the other videos in the Earls Chef Collective series, click below:

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5) Chef Dawn Doucette - http://youtu.be/U41Ktu-FQPI
6) Chef Tina Fineza - http://youtu.be/H8nShGaMNF4
7) Chef Jeff McInnis - http://youtu.be/7rUQwdXv11g
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An inside look at the new Earls Chef Collective and what our chefs go through to take a dish from culinary inspiration to the Earls menu.

Meet the Earls Chef Collective Play

Meet the chefs behind the Earls Chef Collective. They are working on new ideas, new ingredients, and new techniques. They are the new inspiration behind the Earls menu. More chefs from Canada and the US are joining us in the upcoming months so check back often!

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Listen to stories from REAL Earls Girls and Boys. Find out what happens on the front-lines at any of the 60 Earls locations across North America on any given day! Find out what it really means (and what it takes) to be an Earls Employee!

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