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dw declare

If It Weren't For You [original song]

436 views 2 years ago
if it weren't for you
the world would be a much better place
we could all be proud of the human race
and enjoy a walk in the rain

if it weren't for you
the air would be cleaner all the time
we'd all have what we need even if we didn't have a dime
and avoid living life for gain

the land would belong to everyone
no animals would be our slaves
we'd all stop to consider everybody who would be harmed
by the choices we make

if it weren't for you
we'd be happy getting out of bed each day
stand up to injustice and not be afraid
to show that love is the way Show less
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Stop The Alberta Tar Sands! Play

- the tar sands stretch 54,826 square miles, an area bigger than england and almost the size of florida.
- 232 square miles of pristine boreal forest have been destroyed & another 386 square miles have been approved for mining
- takes the excavation of 2 tons of earth to make one barrel of bitumen
- each barrel of bitumen produces 3 times as much greenhouse gas as conventional oil
- at the turn of the last century, 100 barrels of oil could be retrieved using 1 barrel of oil. in 1954 the ratio was 24:1. in 2007 it was 11:1. in the tar sands, the ratio of return is 3:1 for mining and closer to 1:1 for steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).
- canada exports 1 million barrels to the US every day
- each barrel requires the consumption of 3 barrels of fresh water from the athabasca river
- uses as much water every year as a city of 2 million people
- 90% of the water ends up in toxic tailings ponds
- a 2008 study by environmental defence showed that the tailings ponds were leaking 11 million litres of toxic liquid into the surrounding environment every day
- total area of the tailings ponds is larger than vancouver
- for the last decade, the downstream community of ft. chipewyan has documented rare cancers
- burns enough natural gas every day to heat 6 million homes
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