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Windy Isle - DuttonsaysHi (HD)

841 views 8 months ago
Boop! New song! wow.. It's been a whole month since I finished something :S.

Yeah, things have been kinda crummy for me lately and I've been busy with stuff that's been stressing me out. I've been feeling especially down these past few days and I figured it was about time for a "cheer me up" song! I gotta say, I do feel better now :).

It was originally a forgotten trance loop I made a few months ago but just left it. In my depressive state, I stumbled upon it when looking through my projects and decided to work on it and don't stop until I was feeling happy again.

It took a few days to finish but I finally have something! I hope you enjoy it and hopefully cheer you up as well if you're feeling down :3

You can download it here!:


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