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Dulce Maria Solis

On pooping, semen, and little old ladies who like purses.

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---Irreverent, Sexy, and Darn Right Stupid Humor Powered by DulceMariaSolis.Com--- I hope you guys like it. Enjoy and You're Welcome. Show less
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'Chela' One Woman Show

CHELA: Based on a True Story of Sexual Taboos, Domestic Violence and a Life-Time of Darkened Comedy.

Chela, written and performed by her daughter, award-winning actor Dulce Maria Solis, is an intimate theatrical biography. This ninety minute play chronicles the seemingly illogical and unreasonable ways in which Chela reacts and copes with child neglect, sexual assault, verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her mother and husband, an almost absent father, fifteen miscarriages, immigrant status, and prohibited love. At times, the way in which Chela deals with the events in her life are funny, other times it is disheartening, but most of the time her actions are poignant illustrations of an unexamined life. And it is not until her life somewhat improves, that she starts to question the events in her life, and the first thing she questions is what really should be happening in the bedroom.
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