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Troy Barnett

Marker Drawing.

599 views 1 year ago
This is a piece of art I recently worked on. It is an semi-abstract depiction of the infamous double slit experiment.

The experiment shows that when you shoot a photon through two slits in a piece of metal with out looking, the photons will go through both holes and create a wave pattern on the other side. Now if you look I.E. use a camera to record this phenomena, the photon behaves like a particle and goes through one slit or the other. Scientists deduce this means consciousness collapses the wave form into a particle. This happens because consciousness (not the hippie love term, but the act of being aware of one thing or another) is witnessing, or nailing down if you will, one of the possibilities.

This experiment was first done in the early nineteen hundreds and we are just now beginning to come to terms with what it really means. It is an exciting time to be alive if you really think about it. Enjoy the art.

Pens used: Copic markers, Prismacolor markers, Spectrum Noir markers, Utrecht markers, Staedtler pencils and erasers, Uniball pens and Strathmore paper. Show less
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