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Daniela mini

Welcome to my channel

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I'm born in 1974 my mother is German (but lives in America),
my father is American, and I live in Denmark :-)

I have been working with Polymer clay since I was 10 years - 1984
At that time it was just for playing, and it didn't look that good.
And no I don't have any pictures of what I made then.

I started on my first dollhouse in 1997 and my creations started to become more
realistic, but still not that good.

Then in 2000 I started on my 3th dollhouse, and I'm still working on it,
although it is almoste done, so here I started to go into more details.

Since 2007 I have been going on miniature sales exhibitions, and since then I
have been working in polymer clay almoste each day.

My favorite material is Cernit (polymer clay), but I also use wood, cardboard, fabric and so on.
I do make a lot of other things in miniature.

On some mouvies I don't speak, as I have a really bad asthma, so it is not each day I have the air to speak
and I hate listening to my voice, when you hear the asthma.
And no I don't like to do woice over.

If there is more you like to know, then please do ask me :-)

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Find me on instagram @DRNmini
Find more Miniature ideas on my homepage: http://www.d-r-n.com/ Show less
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