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Denton Birdwatcher Videos

Carolina wren feeding her young babies

593 views 1 month ago
This Carolina wren feeding her young babies wakes me up every morning. Best alarm clock ever :-) Show less
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Raising an orphaned baby squirrel Play

We had a bad hail storm 4/3/14 and as a result this baby squirrel was orphaned. While video taping him he falls from the bird house he was in and I was able to capture him easily. The baby squirrel was very gentle and hungry. He took to a bottle and some puppy formula I picked up at the pet store and is doing well.

Hand Feeding Baby Dove That Was Rescued from Killer Grackles Play

Last friday, while on her way home from work, Rebecca saw a group of grackles attacking something in the middle of the road. They scattered as the cars approached revealing a small baby dove lying on the ground. She stopped the cars and rescued the dove. Fortunately there were no open wounds inflicted by the grackles. I went by a local bird shop in Denton and picked up some meal works and formula to feed the bird with.

This video was taken on monday morning. The bird is showing great strength and eating well. We keep it in a small cage near where a community of dove feed in our back yard and are working on weaning him off of the mealworm and formula to eating seeds. Soon as he is showing ability to forage for his own seeds under the feeder I will leave him out at the feeder in hopes he will integrate in with our local dove community.
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