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Draper Inc

TecVision Engineered Screen Technology by Draper, Inc.

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Draper, Inc. is proud to announce TecVision Engineered Screen Technology.

In recent years, projectors and projection technology have advanced quickly. Draper has worked to advance our screens as well. Our goal has been to not only keep pace, but offer projection screen performance that no one else can.

Two and a half years ago we moved our primary focus to our viewing surfaces, and their optical performance. We built a world class testing lab, and worked with consultants and key suppliers to identify and refine ingredients to improve the optical performance of our surfaces.

We've installed state-of-the-art, custom-designed production equipment, and built a production and laboratory team dedicated to creating the highest quality projection screen surfaces -- better screens than any other company.

We have established the highest standard of quality for viewing surfaces, and as a result we are introducing TecVision -- Engineered Screen Technology.

Using technologically advanced manufacturing methods and proprietary scientific formulations, we are prepared to meet the rigorous demands of today's projectors and the environments where screens are used.

TecVision viewing surfaces are unmatched in consistency of gain, contrast, ambient light rejection and gloss. Rather than using "mass-production" methods to minimize costs, TecVision screens are individually produced. Each and every screen surface is individually formulated, programmed and manufactured with multiple checks for quality and uniformity from start to finish.

TecVision Engineered Surface Technology is offered in five exclusive formulations on Draper tab tensioned and permanently tensioned screens. Three white surfaces are available with gains ranging from 1.3 to 1.8 over remarkably wide viewing cones. Two grey surfaces offer excellent performance under higher room light levels.

There are few companies in the world who are experts in designing projection screen surfaces. Most screen fabrics are made by firms whose primary business is manufacturing textiles for other purposes. We have made a major investment in equipment, expert personnel and research time specifically to offer a line of surfaces that are unmatched by any other screen manufacturer in the world. Show less
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