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Downphoenix Channel Trailer

438 views 1 year ago
This is a trailer of what you can expect from my channel. Hope you enjoy! Rate, Comment, Subscribe! Show less
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Downphoenix plays Super Mario Kart Play

a Let's Play of Super Mario Kart I did for the channel SuperShyGuyGaming to help them out, plus with the recent Nintendo claiming Let's Plays, I didnt want to put it on my channel and potentially jeopardize my channel standing. Enjoy and sub to them guys!

Let Me Play Fallout Play

You watch me play Fallout, from start to fin

Sounds like fun, amirite?

This game is rated M for Mature and so is the guy offering commentary. Not recommended for children or those that get queasy with the sight of blood and the sound of vulgarities, viewer discretion is advised.
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