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Doug Sharp

Legendary Performance: Pere Ubu's David Thomas backed by The Suicide Commandos 1/17/09 Minneapolis

41,760 views 5 years ago
Crunchy vid of a great show.

Set list:
Non-Alignment Pact
Final Solution
Cloud 149

The concert was a benefit for Laura Kennedy of the Bush Tetras who just got a liver transplant:

Please donate to Laura's Liver Fund at her blog:

It was moving when Laura thanked the musicians. Her old band The Bush Tetras played, with a replacement bassist:

Check out another youtube vid of Final Solution from this concert: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

One of the best shows I've ever seen. Nick & Eddie's is a great little restaurant with a lousy sound system. I never saw Pere Ubu or Suicide Commandos back in the day but I played their LP's until the grooves were smooth. Mr. Thomas and The Commandos were explosively sublime together. David Thomas's voice is a musical genre all its own.

Sorry for the vid quality - let's pretend I was consciously shooting for a punk aesthetic ;^} I didn't think my camera's video recorder would work in the low light so I just held it at waist level, vaguely pointed it, and hoped it would grab the sound while I did my herky-jerky happy dance.

Whiskey glass in foreground and backing vocals by Samuel Z Ross, the best damned 5th grade teacher of the postmodern era. Show less
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