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Mr Chance - hiiipower remix

1,152 views 3 years ago
this is a message to the powers
that told them two planes to go and hit them two towers
what you think this is a motherfuckin game
cuz if it is count me out motherfuckers I aint playin
this is a message to the cops shootin
bullets cant hurt me cant merc like I be huey newton
my brain is workin and servin my higher body functions
so I be shittin on u niggas poker ROYAL FLUSHIN
this is a message to my rap peoples
I keep it old school for yall like I be straight celeco
I keep it toadstool for yall cuz this game land
is in my grasp my peoples it's in my gameplan
this is a message for the racial heads
sayin you hate colors but u wearin em in all ur threads
they sayin the only good nigga is the one that's dead
my mamas white and she'd die wit me so go ahead

you can call me ur dog cuz I mark shit
this just a remix to that kendrick lamar SHIT
cuz him and j cole is HIGH POWER
blow yo head off cuz that shit be HIGH POWER
this is one for u niggaz who aint got no gifts shitty christmas
yall be thrown like a discuss prolly wonder who this is

this is for the martin luther followers
educated blacks but the media and follow us
they just wanna see the ignorance from hood kids
who only way out the hood is doin gangbanger shit
this is for the mothers who be strugglin
from men who are big enough to fuck em without consiquence
some a yall is only twelve years old
tryin to raise a son or daughter in this world so cold
this is for the soldiers loosin lives
who get a folded flag sent to husbands or they wives
fightin in these wars over oil for they country
gettin blasted to hell torn all apart like mr dumpty
this is for theones who think they worthless
no self esteem cuz depression make em worth shit
I know the feelin u feelin and they aint real so
u just gotta breathe and think about shit real slow

this for the blacks I call niggas
niggas STOP dont nobody beleive that u pullin triggas
keep fuckin lyin bout that gangbang lunicey
and they gotta zip u up in a bodybag truthfully
this for the women I call bitches
I dont classify you tricks as real women
cuz u bossy I dress u up in clothes u ask how much it cost me
this be for my real friends at home
without u in my life my fuckin life would have got thrown
all the way int he river I quiver to think about my death
your all a reason for breathein so heres another breath
this be for my brothers in the struggle
who constantly get hurrassed by the cops cuz of ur hussle
u gotta hit them books cuz they truly the best way out
I know when u aint school u aint really seein ur way out but

this for the faggots in the industry
takin any line these people say and make it intristing
I dont give a fuck who be datin bradd pitt
or who angelina screwed while he was out with the kids
this is for the artist who be makin art
we gotta overwhelm the media to make a start
we gotta overtake the goverment with images
until we run the fuckin game like in scrimiges
this be for the no talent followers
get a fuckin job u aint speacial so dont bother us
u just recycle what that last motherfucker said
u try to steal like that last motherfuckers dead
what happened to decency what happened to honor
what happened to normal clothes all we got now is prada
I just let man make the statement
why the fuck do we gotta wear this fake shit Show less
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