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FOOD FIGHT: Bullies Poisoning The 'Hood Get Splattered! -- Earth Amplified, feat. Stic of Dead Prez

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A boy must escape a world where the processed food is killing his neighborhood -- literally. SHARE to teach kids who is behind it, and how to escape. visit http://SOSjuice.com/foodfight for School Curriculum + Song Download

We want to get the word out -- we broke our goal of 5,000 views, 10,000, 25,000 and 35,000 views in the first two days...100,000 in the first four. Can you help us reach 150K?

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Song Produced & Mixed by J.Bless & Golden Horns
Outro song "On the Way": produced by J.Bless from the album "Earth Amplified"

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Original Upload:

Credits Crew:
Ben Zolno - Story, Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor
AshEl "Seasunz" Eldridge - Lyrics, Performance, Casting, Locations
Stic Man - Final Verse Lyrics, Performance
Rebecca Quinn - AD/Key PA, 2nd Assistant Editor
Matt Davis - 1st AC, 2nd Unit Director, Shooter
Sashwa Burrous - 1st AC, 2nd Unit Director, Shooter, Titles, FX
Sabrina Davidson - Production Coordinator
Cameron Williams - 2nd AC, PA
Elana Isaacs - PA
Ashleigh Papp - PA
Brian Pierce - PA
Ryan Dexter - Titles, FX

Guide - AshEL "Seasunz" Eldridge
Final Verse Writer/Performer - Stic Man
Kid - Anthony Samuels and Chioke Bakari
Mom - Kanchan Hayes
Vandana Shiva - TV interviewee
Powdered Doughnut Junkies - Franceyes Jackson
Energy-Drink Junkie - Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat
Corn Chip/Nacho Cheese Junkie - Ambessa Cantave
Twizzlers Junkie - Jose Manuel Ramirez
Suit (Fried Chicken Dealer) - John Harrison
Suit (Driver) - Aaron Lehmer
Hamburger Helper - Jessica M. Young, Rana Chang, Sabrina Davidson
Toucan Sam - Lisa Aurora
Lucky Charms - Alexia Stratton
Tony the Tiger - Manuel Martinez, Jake Schoneker, Rebecca Quinn
Homeless Man - Colin Hussey
KFC Junkie - Gary Whitaker
Little Debbie - Becca Hike

"Once they have established the norm --
that seed can be owned as their property --
royalties can be collected.
We will depend on them
for every seed we grow
of every crop we grow.
If they control seed, they control food, they know it; it's strategic.
It's more powerful than bombs.
It's more powerful than guns.
This is the best way to control the populations of the world."

That's what the streets them say.
That's what police them say.
That's what the Babylon say.
Put cola upon lips
and get popped the same way now.
That's what The Pentagon say.
That's what the generals say.
That's what the empire say.
Put death down your throat,
you get dropped the same way.

There's a war going on inside,
no man is safe from:
every corner in the hood got a KFC
or McD's. It's crack speed like RED
Bull-ish they pulpit -- so caffeine,
Kit Kat like a click-clack holes in your genes
Cuz everything at market ain't all what it seems.
Little Debbie bussing biscuits at sugar-high fiends.
Ain't nothing but a G thing --
GMO, MSG, genocide of street gangs.
Aspartame or street cane.
Monsanto is Rambo.
Round Up with ammo.
Who would have known you can die from a diet
Diabetes and the -itis from the dairy and the dose
of the high fructose
cuz your ribs too close
so you might start a riot.
Might be a FOOD FIGHTER!

They shootin'!
Made you look
at the labels on the food that you cook.
Just say no to cocoa box
cuz when you Google the ingredients, you might get got.
Is your milk on drugs? Cuz your brain on Fox.
Factory farming spawning the Meatrix plot,
Globally warming us all, enough cows and NOx
driving the climate, driving a hummer or not.
Drive-in like a drive-by.
E.coli served super sized with a side of super lies.
so tell me what's more gangsta than that?
Bullets or burgers both blaze burners to black.
Breakfast is a little like Texas,
Petro is everything that you're eating on
My pesto is backyard like choppin' chard.
My school lunch pack a punch.

What's Beef?
Beef is when you're 12 years old and obese
clogged arteries, can't see your own feet
until you're up in ICU, guaranteed to be an 'I see you"
From that processed food.
Suicide. It's a suicide.
Don't want no microwaves, no pesticides.
Fast food's a slow death in disguise.
It's the wild wild westernized world of deception and lies.
What's Beef?
Beef is when you starve in a famine.
Nothing won't grow and the land stays barren.
Pollution in the river, mercury in the salmon.
What sense do it make, being at war with the planet?
We're at war for the mind so impressionable.
Instead of vegetables,
we reach for Red Bulls.
Poor diets kill more brothers than pistols.
We're fighting for our lives like Michael Vic's pit bulls.
Dog eat dog, America eats the young,
We die from beef, but more from meat than the gun.
Bullets for breakfast and mass murder meals.
Enemy of the state, and your plate is the battlefield
in this FOOD FIGHT! Show less
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TRUTH in the form of Hip Hop Play


Look around the world and what do you see
A dubious and arbitrary society
A complete alienation of democracy; when you compare it to this fascist theocracy
Manifestation and ideology it all trickles down from the illuminati
From the League of Nations to the United Nations; it's all about one world governance
Trying to destroy our beautiful sovernence

Going acapella have you ever heard Astor, Rothchild, Rockefeller and more
To add to the fucked up galore; they implemented this shit way long before
They centralized the banks
And creating the guns and tanks,
Motherfucker their beyond the ranks,
Take all they want without no please nor thanks
I don't care what anybody thanks; they don't know anythang
Hence why the New World Order will soon control everythang

But it's cool little homie; you just stay at home
Watch as your country becomes apart of a new world dome
What constitution playa you gonna be on your own;
Watch as your rights gets shitted on, fucked up and owned
See in a NAU our government will say FUCK YOU
Pretty soon they'll insist to put chips in your wrists
So that you will never ever be able to resist
Not when they got your whole financial, economical, nutritional, and medical information all in body

Man so if you hate this Aristocracy, hidden by a hypocritical Democracy
That we all no is run on nepotism and autonomy
And fed up with the monotony and conformity with nothing ever changing
Well come follow me patriots let's start re arranging
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