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Culturally Competent Healthcare - September 2013 Play

Presentations from DiversityInc's September 2013 event, Culturally Competent Healthcare: How Diversity Creates Better Patient Outcomes

CEO Commitment to Diversity Management Play

CEO commitment always comes first in the DiversityInc Top 50 survey because it is the crucial element in developing and sustaining diversity-management progress. Here are examples of CEOs and senior leaders who hold people accountable for results and are personally—and visibly—involved in making diversity a success at their organizations.

Diversity Departments & HR: How to Manage the Relationship Play

The relationship between the diversity department and HR is the most critical to your success in the organization. How do you work collaboratively with HR to achieve diversity goals in recruitment, retention and talent development? Should diversity report in to HR? Does it help or hurt if the chief diversity officer is from an HR background? Experts at our diversity event answer these critical questions and give proven strategies on organizational behavior and navigating corporate cultures to accomplish your diversity-management goals.

This diversity event featured eight half-hour presentations, a luncheon speaker with organizational-development expertise, and an interactive panel on this all-important diversity topic. http://www.DiversityInc.com
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