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Nick Holness

  • Scenes We'd Like To See Series 6

    No description available. So stop looking.
  • Andy & Ronnie Promo 1

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  • Promo 2 - Andy & Ronnie

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    Promotional Video - Hamilton-Holness
  • Hi guys- Nick Here - So glad this has had a positive response so far....I must admit I was a little apprehensive about taking this project & production on. But I felt in the end that it needed be done, and was a great way to begin sending a message´╗┐ to make everyone aware of the 50 or so years of cover up's and hiding!

    We Look forward to similar productions from others in similar positions. Thanks again to you all...Nick & David

    Man's Greed - Thalidomide

    In the pain of war
    Men do strange things,
    But not many do horrify,
    When so much hurt it brings,
    They made the drugs
    And covered up the signs
    They conveniently forgot
    The legacy that's yours...
  • Knocks me out Bro...................Excellent rendetion. Not sure about who gets the prize for best vocal. But if i were a betting man i may put my cash on Joanne.

    Very Entertaining Thanks to you both

    Dont Go Breaking my Heart

    Dimple makes Jo play the part of Kiki Dee to his Elton John in the classic 1970's song.
  • Joanne................Another memory that deserves to be set on disc (Not Vinyl) let me know when and we will do it.

    Good vocal Joanne

    Love Nick & Sam

    Puppy Love

    Jo showcases this love song made famous by Donny Osmond
  • Joanne...........I've just found this on the tube. You really are a star. You need to pop round to ours and 'CUT THIS DISC' as they say. The kettle will be on i await your suggestion for a date. Thanks Marie from Donny!! Erm i mean Nick

    Paper Roses

    Jo showcases this 1950's hit
  • aqw new armors by the mods

    new armors in aqw but dont kow how to get the armors plssss rate
    the Evolved Dragonlord
    Dragonlord Armor
    Star Captain Ballistic Armor
    Guardian Platewill
    read Design Notes

    Other Game Sh...
  • Well Well.......Its about time Dimple had his own TV Show.....'Dittys with Dimple'

    How about something originally by the seekers!

    Leave it with you


    Maizey Doats

    Dimple remembers mother's bedtime stories
  • Oh God!!!!

    This was on an old 45RPM Single! It had a Blue Label (Decca I Think), It was played on an old Red Mono Record Player. It was best played with the scratches!

    Thanks for the memory again.

    Keep em coming!


    Anthony UK hit from 1960?
    Sugary and nice
  • Well, Well.........I had forgotton this one.

    I didn't remember the Lines about NYC or Soccer!!!

    Thanks for the memory


    My Old Man's a Dustman

    Old Lonnie Donegan hit about the plight of refuse collectors in the 1960's
  • Hi Dimple

    Thanks, I was 6 again!

    Made me think of others......."The Runaway Train"...."Childrens Counting Song" (Written by Dimples mate Dave!) and "Two Little Boys"....All perfect for Dimple and his Little Enterage!


    Keep the memories coming,


    Going to the Zoo

    Mama's going to take us to the Zoo tomorrow. A great kids favourite
  • Hi Dimple!

    Nice to see you uploaded the song. I hope people enjoy it as much as we enjoy making them.

    Ps. Can Dimple remember 'Mamas Gonna Take Us To The Zoo Tommorow'? Would Dimple Perform this one Live?


    The Enemy Within

    In this world where we see so much conflict maybe it's what's inside us all that causes the most personal of struggles. A song that I hope captures this part of everyday life. Words and Music by Da...
  • I may be somewhat biased, but this has both a serious & funny side to it. I think its great.

    Keep em coming, keep em original

    ttfn (BRO!)

    Nothing to Say

    Song that I wrote a couple of years ago but taken its time to hit the little screen
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