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Diego Magallona

GW2 WvW - Ehmry Bay Fights #2: Sky Fortress

87 views 3 weeks ago

Episode 2 of my semi-weekly series compiling the fights I get into in a WvW match-up. This episode features the NA Tier 7 match-up between Ehmry Bay, Ferguson's Crossing, and Darkhaven. If it wasn't obvious yet, all these battles are from the Ehmry Bay perspective.

Obviously, I'll miss a lot of fights since I'm a SEA player and don't play very often. Still, I get in enough footage to make a video.
This one is long because there were a lot of fun fights. Most of these will be from reset night and raid night.

Sky Fortress - Waterflame
Hexagon Force - Waterflame
Disfunktion - Rhodz
Free - Virtual Riot
Rampage - Virtual Riot

Game: Guild Wars 2

Ehmry Bay Logo by Reina Takayama

This video is dedicated to all the loyal Ehmry Bay WvW guilds who remain and are proud to call this server home.

Shout outs to (from all servers):
oG, CoT, OP, RUN, EVIL, CoS, Woe, Para, EBAY, WZ, EDGE, LION, Lion, DEAD, BevR, Nova, RDH, Maki, and everyone else we fought against/alongside. Lots of great fights this week.
*If anyone is curious about the clip where we have [Void] tags, it was a light-hearted prank. One of CoT's members still had the original Void guild tag with him (he was a former member, and it was empty and unused since Void disbanded) and let the rest of us tag up with it. It was only for those few minutes, though, and we stopped right after to respect the old guild members.

**There was some drama over hacking during this match-up (particularly an EB player caught on video zoomhacking); let's face it, every server has them, and Ehmry's core WvW community hates them too. Instead of fighting over it, we can work together to stop hackers regardless of server. Show less
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