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My Old Pajamas | DidiPop Kids Video

6,670 views 2 months ago
Kids Video from "Bunny in the Moon" CD, a musical conversation between a child and her favorite PJs. Performed by my daughter Hannah (5 at the time) and myself. Jon Izen is THE juicy, creative mastermind when it comes to animating my music. Please donate if you dig it! every $ helps... or buy it.
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My note to animator Jon Izen
"Dear Jon, I can't tell you how much I love this piece - but I will try!
first off the tone and colors and amazing. I really am your biggest fan I think!!!!
love the intro the sketching out and filling in
Calendar is cute and educational too
love how she kicks her feet around while she's looking at the dresser and love the bedroom furniture!
brilliant how they dance with the shadows below
the sewing box reflections are cool and the sitting on the bed sewing and how the pjs come back together is inspired!
love how she reaches out and then grows up
the clothes line scene is so great - anticipatory - and when she sees the pjs my heart melts!
body parts are so fun and the floating animals and flowers goes great with the flowing music in the interlude
when the pjs start playing with her in the tea and her face goes from sad to happy and back again - SOOOO cute!
so creative at the end where the heads flip around til they find the perfect fit
2 peas in a pd - so awesome! and the heart shaped arms up at the end - makes me cry - sooooo sweet!
you rock my music and make it come to life in ways i could have never imagined!! Now let's get a contract from pixar!" Show less
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