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Double Deys


1,474 views 8 months ago
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Directed/Edited by: Evan Charest

Makeup/Hair: Jacqueline Holden

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Song Credits:
Lyrics by: Double Deys
Performed by: Double Deys
Music by: TINI MC
Mixed by: John Ratliff

WIFE: Debbie Lockhart - http://debbielockhart.com
ELF: Jen McGlone - https://www.facebook.com/je... / https://twitter.com/realjen...
SANTA: Donovan Scott

THANKS TO Alex Mekyan for lighting equipment!


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Santa Clause
Santa Clause
It's time for the truth
You are big and you are heavy please don't break the roof

Santa Clause
Santa Clause
What all can you do
Could you grant me a wish give my wife bigger boobs

Daughter Rap:
Yo Santa give me heebie jeebies
I don't want your presents don't need your freebies
Every year you give me holiday stress
Last year you tracked dirt made a mess
So this year please stay outta my home
And leave my mother loving cookies all alone
You aren't allowed to eat it, you didn't buy it
Have you thought of a more balanced diet
Who taught you it was cool to be creeping
When a family is tired and is sleeping
Its not okay to break and enter
It isn't my house were just renters
So get your act together get a real job
Shave your beard, lazy, you look like a slob
I'm sorry if this seems harsh or rude
I just wanna let you in on the truth

Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Do you have X-ray vision
I might of broken a few rules in the family kitchen

Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Where'd you learn to fly
Daddy's always talking bout how he loves being high

Dad Rap:
I admit last year she was far from nice
She tripped old people and spread head lice
She ate french fries in front of the gym
She kept referring to my nephew as a her not him
And yes she borrowed well okay she stole
But it hurt my feelings when you gave her coal
So now I'm bitter, aggravated and jaded
You don't mess with this family we're related
Are you angry at me because I miss your belated
Okay I'm really sorry but don't be hatin
I'm forgiving but you break in each year
I was okay with toys cuz it brought us all cheer
Look we don't want to stay angry at you
Because no one stays mad at a fat jolly dude
And when you laugh you light up the room
But this is the last chance we are giving to you

Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Where are all your elves
When your gone they must be lonely playing with themselves

Santa Clause
Santa Clause
This board game is nice
But College tuition for my girl would really change my life

Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Why'd you give me coal
I know sometimes I do bad things but I've got a good soul

Elf Rap:
Yo Santa ignore em
Do what you do
Making all the kids happy
Thats just you
Whole world loves you
And these fools getting greedy
Just forget em
Til they turn to gents and ladies

Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Could you ever forgive
Now we know being naughty is no way to live

Crazy Kids
Crazy Kids
I'm glad you saw the light
I didn't want to have to bring the wrath of a tickle fight Show less
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