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Rocio Diaz

Ghoul School Episode:1 (Beri and more)

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So I wanted to start the first part i'll probably upload more later :)

*Tori's POV*
So I am off to a new school a new life. Going to college. I am a Wizard and I was sent to live with my uncles. We live in a fantasy world, it is not mortal. There are wizards, werewolves, witches, and vampires and other types. We are all good people and trained to do good. In movies witches and vampires and werewolves live at war. We are peaceful. You may know some people that will mess around with their magic and cheat. That has been my sister Trina. Well she lives by herself now. I am going to Ghoul University. Barely a freshman in college, gotta say i'm nervous but I will have my cousins Alex, Justin, and Max by my side. I hope I get Alex as a roommate. So now we are getting dropped off at the University.

Alex: Why are we going to school if we already know how to use magic?
Jerry: So you can learn some discipline and know that you don't need to use magic for everything.
Max: Man how am I going to text.
Justin: Text?
Max: Yeah on my phone duh...
Alex: You can do that yourself.
Max: No...
Teresa: Max that's why you have hands.
Max: But i'm too lazy so that's why I use magic so it does it for me.
Justin: Can we just go?
Alex: Yeah or else he's going to do that all day.
Max: I will do that all day.
Alex: (Sighs)
Jerry: Alright. Go study hard. And don't get in trouble, ALEX.
Alex: Why do you always assume i'm the troubled one?
Justin: Cause you are the only one?
Alex: That's true. (Laughs)
Teresa: Alright, take care. Please call me when you get to your dorms. I love you all.
Justin: Yes mom we know.
Teresa: Please watch them Tori.
Me: Of course aunt.

We said our goodbye's and we walked to the school. Wow there are all kinds of ghouls and weird monsters. We're like the only human ones.
*End of POV*


Caroline: Omg i'm so happy we get to be roommies!
Elena: Caroline...
Caroline: What...
Bonnie: (Smiles) I'm so excited that we're sophomores hehe.
Caroline: And in two more years we'll be graduating.
Elena: (Sighs)
B/C: What?
Elena: Stefan.
Stefan: (Walks to them) Ladies.
Bonnie: Mr. Salvatore.
Stefan: May I speak with Elena for a moment?
Caroline: Sure. Bye Elena. (They leave)
Elena: What?


Tori: Okay so we're rooming with some Jade and Cat? (Looking at paper on wall)
Alex: At least we're together.
Tori: Yeah hehe. (Turns around and bumps into someone)


Robbie: Where is Beck?
Austin: No idea. (Chuckles) Lets go scare those little freshman.
Robbie: (Smiles) Okay. Dude we're freshman too.
Austin: But we're vampires so we should have a little fun.
Robbie: You're right. We're gonna rule this school.
Austin: Yes we are. Vampires always rule. Lets go.

Austin and Robbie make their vampire face and walk to the girls. They try to scare them but the girls just stare at them. One does something with her hands that makes their heads hurt. The other girl is in pain as well.

???: Trish!!
R/A: Owww! (Holding their heads as well as the other girl)
Trish: Sorry Ally. (Stops)
Austin: What was that about?!!
Ally: Trish you know that harms me too.
Trish: Sorry.
Robbie: What's going on?
Trish: I'm a witch.
???: But if you do that again you'll be expelled.
Trish: What?!
Ally: I'm sorry who are you?
???: My name is Rebekah Mikaelson. I'm one of the your teachers. Magic is not allowed unless you are told to use it in any of your classes.
Ally: Why isn't it allowed?
Austin: No no no. Its fine that no magic is allowed.
Rebekah: Good. (Leaves)
Trish: Are you stupid? I don't like you already.
Robbie: And we like you?
Ally: Lets go Trish.
Austin: What are you?
Ally: (Does vampire face)
Austin: (Yelps)
Ally: (Smiles and turns back) That's what I thought. (They leave)
Austin: (Smiles)
Robbie: Dude you okay?
Austin: She's the most amazing vampire I had met.
Robbie: At least you fell for a vampire.


Tori: (Gets lost in his eyes) Sorry.
???: No problem. Just be careful. I'm Beck freshman. You a freshman?
Tori: Yeah. Me and my cousin. I'm Tori.
Beck: Nice to meet you Tori. And cousin.
Alex: (Fake smiles)
Beck: I'll see you later. (Winks and leaves)
Tori: (Sighs)
Alex: Ahemmm.
Tori: (Startled) What.
Alex: You are not falling for that guy.
Tori: Why not?
Alex: I have a bad feeling about him.
Tori: Like if he's bad?
Alex: Really bad.

So what did you think of this episode? Let me know :)) sorry if it wasn't that good. Show less
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