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Derren Brown Fear and Faith

This playlist is for the special series Derren Brown: Fear and Faith, in which Derren explores coincidence, fear, the subconcious mind, what holds people back in life and faith.

Part 1 Deals with fear and how people, with the right guidance, techniques or in this case Derren's hypnosis skills, can overcome them.

Part 2 deals with faith, religion and more personal elements of people and their inner beliefs.

Derren Brown Apocalypse Play

This is the Derren Brown Special Series, titled Derren Brown: Apocalypse, in which Derren uses a combination of hypnosis, mind control techniques and NLP to make an ordinary man believe that he is now living during a zombie Apocalypse. You can learn these powerful and proven hypnosis techniques as well from the link in the videos.

Derren Brown Hypnosis Play

This channel is of videos in which Derren Brown uses various methods of hypnosis on unsuspecting people. You can learn how to do this as well from the link in the videos. There's some truly amazing stuff that you can do to people under hypnosis without their having any idea. Derren was a trained hypnotist for many years before he started his TV career.
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