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Jon Robson


598 views 5 months ago
The apostrophe can be a tricky thing to get right so the children at Swinemoor Primary School decided to make a film with 5 simple rules for its correct use.

Visit our school website :- http://www.swinemoorprimary...

Rule 1:

To show possession by one owner, add an apostrophe
and the letter s to the owner.

Rule 2:

To show ownership of plural nouns, add an apostrophe after the s.

Rule 3:

Irregular plural possessives - Add an apostrohphe after the owner, then add an s at the end.

Rule 4:

Compound plural possessives - If two people own something together, only use one apostrophe.

Rule 5:

Not every plural noun has an apostrophe! Show less
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Films made with young people in Hull. UK.

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