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  • Kayla blowing bubbles

  • @TheJ2ny thank you.

    Kayla loves the moon

    Kayla wants the moon but can not get it.

    So this is my daughter, Kayla. She's a little over 2 in the video and has been obsessed with the moon since before she could talk. Any time there is a clea...
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  • How to make a completly unattended sysprep for Windows 7

    • by bohack4
    • 3 years ago
    This video will explain how to create a totally unattended xml sysprep file for cloning/imaging of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. The only prompt you will get is for computer name, during the sy...
  • Enjoyable.

    Romance Is Born - W4M

    One shot recording @ 1619 House by Aaron Delarosa & Aaron Weber. Thanks to Alan Dodd, Brian Gille & Shafik El-Sahragty for all their help!
    From Romance Is Born's new album ALL TALK, out now: http...
  • Kayla having fun

    Just a moment with Kayla.
  • ...

    Book Trailer - "Destiny's Gate"

    Song: "Waon" by UVERworld

    This is a book trailer for my novel, Destiny's Gate. It's not published yet, but I hope it will be eventually. The characters, unicorn, and dragon are my own artwork, b...
  • Phillies NLCS 09 Game 5

    Last pitch of the 2009 NLCS. Phillies vs Dodgers.
  • Margerie Glacier Calving

    The Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park
  • You're right, atheist arguments don't work because the people that they're intended to work on, do not understand the argument. And that's not the atheist's fault.

    Air, as well as many other things in nature, does not reflect light. That is why you can not see it.

    Also, your logic on why the chances of a god/s is more than 50/50 is flawed. It's like say there's a 50/50 chance of there being a monster in the closet because there is only two possibilities, monster or no monster.

    Why atheists' arguments don't work

    I explain why atheists' arguments against God logically fail.
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