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Denise Ure

Escape from the Valley of the Shadow of Deaf

1,450 views 1 year ago
I was born with single sided deafness and in 2009 I had a BAHA implanted and my Cochlear BP100 was activated in March of 2010. This is a music video and heart warming story of being reunited with my hearing aid, after I was without sound (on the right side) for over a month. The song is called "Divine Equation," that I recorded with my old band, Treatus when I lived in New Orleans a long time ago. That is me singing! Enjoy.

Since I could not get or afford health insurance at the time, I had no money to pay for an appointment with my audiologist to be fitted with a replacement hearing aid while my BP100 was being fixed. Cochlear USA took almost a month to repair and return my broken BP100.

The squeaky sounds in the beginning are from the NASA Cassini recordings of Jupiter. Check out their Halloween spooky space sounds website!


If you are interested in purchasing this song, please email me at demosure@gmail.com and I will send you a link when I have one! Show less
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